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MCBA Annual Show 2004 Photos Part 1

This year the malta cage birds association annual show was held at ta' Qali national basketball complex. These are some of the best birds that were prized during this year's show.

Canary best lipochrome recessive white
Best White - Micallef Angelo Fontana

Canary best lipochrome yellow frosted
Best yellow - Ebejer Raymond

Best lipochrome red intessive
Best Lipochrome - Ebejer Sergio

Canary red intensive
Best colour - Ebejer Sergio

Melanin non classic brown yellow
Best melanin Ivory frosted - Cutajar Gilbert

Series brown white canary
Best brown series - Cutajar Gilbert

Melanin classic agate red frosted
Best Agate and isabel - Zarb Joseph

Non classic satinette white
Best new series and best ino - Butigieg Joe

Lipochrome mosiac red
Best Lipochrome mosiac and best mosiac - Ciappara Lawrence

Melanin mosiac agate
2nd. place Mosiac agate - Zarb Joseph

Lipochrome mosiac yellow canary
2nd. place Lipochrome Mosiac - Luke Cutajar John

1st. Budgerigars - Borg Mario

Fife fancy canary yellow clear
1st. Fife Fancy - Bartolo Stefan

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