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MALTA RABBIT CLUB The Judge's Report

Malta Summer Show 2001

by Derek Medlock (British Judge)

The below report was addressed to the Malta Rabbit Club by the invited judge Derek Medlock, after the Annual National Championship Rabbit Show 2001

Joyce and I cannot thank you enough for the very warm welcome you gave us again this year. We were very please to be able to re-arrange thins in England so I could be with your. Our country has had a very depressing year, with the culling of millions of cattle, sheep and pigs - we are so lucky that foot and mouth does not affect rabbits. Fortunately it has been contained in certain areas. Rabbit showing has never stopped altogether, only in certain seriously affected areas.

Sure you were all shocked when your Summer Show was canceled, only for your Authorities to reverse the decision in weeks. I know they only gave you a short time to organize it but you did it thanks the Malta Rabbit Club's good team. You have a very good team now and it was working well.

All teams have a leader and I am sure you do not have to be told how fortunate you are in having Joe Gauci Maistre as your President. His enthusiasm has not waned at all over the last 18 years that I have known him and that is even with having a serious health problem during 2000. You are the envy of many countries as people with that dedication are very hard to find Europe have come to recognize this as well, Joe is a senior figure in the European rabbit world as well BUT leader need a team and I can see how many of you are taking on important role so the work can be spread.. Reluctant to name names in case I miss any one out but if I could name one or two.

Felix Farrugia, what an asset, his enthusiasm and his untiring energy with the practical things, likewise Paul Spiteri. I feel he knows the rabbit showing inside out and of course his good friend Sharlo who is now your Treasurer. I am certain your finances are in very safe hands. He could be seen striding around the show this year with the money box safely tucked under his arm. Also pleased to see another of your senior members who was showing back in 1983 still playing an active roll, Mario Scicluna. Mario, like Joe has had a very serious operation and has to have hourly attention. Quite remarkable hw he copes with it and has time for his rabbits. I always feel Mario is like a Godfather figure with his dark glasses and his no nonsense approach. The video man, Albert Micalle, filmed tirelessly all day, Saturday and Sunday with the aid of his wife. A new person to me this year was Anthony Gatt who is very proficient with the latest technology and has set u the Malta Rabbit Club site on the World Wide Web, very talented. The most pleasing thing from this is that I can sit at home in England and follow exactly what you are doing and organizing in the Club and so can anyone else around the world - frightentning isn't it !! Where would we be without fund raisers, very special people these are as well, not everyone can do it. I takes a person with a large smile and 110% personality to approach people, Leli Bonello qualifies on both accounts.

As I said I know there are lots more but I do not have their names - the family who always show Netherland Dwarfs and Hermalins, the very large gentleman who also shows Netherland Dwarfs. Why is it that all over Europe than tallest people breed the smallest rabbits- there must be an answer. The person in England who made the Netherland Dwarf models for you is the Netherland Dwarf Club Secretary and he is huge as well. The other Mario who was Best in Show in the young stock show has been around for several years now. I am sure there are many more, I apologize if I missed you.

A few not showing this year for different reasons. Joe Balzan and Mr.Pizzuto and his son, hope it's only temporary because the club needs a full team and I missed them anyway.

Now to show itself I have written what we call a critique on each of the breed winners and in some cases 1st, 2nd and 3rd plus a small write up on the breed in general. do hope you find it helpful, purely written on how I see each breed.

I do feel the standard in a lot of cases is very good and going the tight way, others need a little more work but do no think you are on your own, the same could be said to anywhere at different times about different breeds. Breeds do have their good years and not so good years. Being an island you do exceptionally well with the stock available to you. It is not easy to introduce new blood lines as we can in Britain - if only we were a little closer.

Do keep up the good work. We were impressed that you now have a place to meet at your Nissan Huts and the members are meeting at least twice a month, sometimes socially and others with seminars etc. Sounds really good.

My special thanks to everyone who supported the show and congratulation to the winners of all classes and a very big well done to Paul Spiteri in taking Best Buck with the Alaska, a good example of the breed and to Mario Scicluna who produced the Furva di Borgogna Doe which was spot on in all departments and went on to take Best in Show.

We enjoyed it very much and wish you all well.

Derek Medlock

Donated by the Malta Rabbit club. visit Malta rabbit club website

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