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Convict chiclids

by Neil Spiteri

Convict chiclids are very territorial fishes so it is best if you keep them on their own or together with other chichlids. NEVER put them in a community aquarium if you do not want your livebearers attacked!

In my aquarium I have two pairs of convicts (archocentrus nigrofasciatus) - one typical striped a la Juventini and the other pair is albino. At the moment I have a lot of fry of the Juventini type.

The convicts are extremely agressive when they have their babies. Never be discouraged if in the first time mother convict eats her fry. However usually they do good parenting of the fry. I can say that when they hatch, after a few days, I pick them up and put them in another aquarium. Usually I can say that in the first days they eat from their "sack", then you have to feed them infusoria or a liquid replacement I bought recently.

I like to take photos of the aquarium. Attached is a photo I managed to take with my small digital camera of my convicts and fry. Photography requires a lot of patience and good lighting. I admit I do not have a lot of patience but somehow these photos came good. I also have a lot of other photos of the other chiclids I have in the tank, the goldfish I have in the external pond, plants and tortoises I have in the garden. It is fun to take photos and I also write the date when the photo was taken so as to be able to compare the pets at various times.

The problem I am finding is that when I have the fry and eventually they grow bigger, I try to sell them to pet shops but many of them tell you they are not interested. I do not try to sell them for making money - in fact I spend a lot on this hobby, but at least to try and cover up some expenses like food, electricity, water, medicine etc etc.

Donated by Neil Spiteri

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