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If tropical fish, whose natural habitat is the Amazon river at some 300C are being kept in Canada, it is only obvious that some kind of heat must be supplied if they are to survive. This is most commonly achieved by submersable heaters that fit inside the tank, and sometimes inside the filter. These heaters are normally complete with thermostat and regualtor in order to keep stable at the desired temperature. Other less common heaters presently in use are heating cables, and heating blankets. Heating cables are installed under the substrate, and heating blankets externally underneath the tank. These are both aimed at keeping the substrate at a slightly higher temperature than the water thus providing a healthier environment for the plants. Another advantage of such equipment is that by heating the substrate throughout, knowing that heat travels upwards, a very even heating throughout the whole tank is achieved. Their downside is that they consume more power to operate and if the gravel used is too fine, it may clog water and heat circulation upwards. To keep a check on water temperature, thermometers are available at pet stores in submersable and stick on form. Keeping a check on substrate temperature is quite superfluous, but if you are such a meticulous person, you can use a stick on thermometer at the bottom of your tank.

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