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Supplementary Vitamins

All flaked feeds in the JBL Novo range contain a well-balanced complex of multivitamins, as already described. It may nevertheless be necessary, in certain situations, to give additional vitamins. JBL Atvitol, a liquid multivitamin supplement, was developed for this reason. Atvitol helps fish to cope better in certain temporary stressful situations, for example:

  • during treatment of an illness and in the subsequent convalescent phase
  • during and after transport
  • when new fish are introduced
  • after major work in the aquarium
Please remember: only temporary stressful situations can be better coped with using supplementary vitamins. Permanent stress e.g. caused by unsuitable conditions, cannot be alleviated by vitamins however high the dosage!

The beneficial microorganisms in the aquarium also regularly need vitamins in order to maintain the best possible cleaning power. An additional dosage of vitamins in the aquarium water is also beneficial after treatment of fish illness, which often has a detrimental affect on the filter bacteria. Should you not use up an opened can of feed within 2 months, for whatsoever reason, the decreased vitamin content of the feed caused by over-long exposure to the air may be improved by the addition of JBL Atvitol. Simply add one or two drops of JBL Atvitol to the feed just before feeding.

Feeding table

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