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Fish Flakes

Advice on Fish

  • Place rocks for cover to enable fish to hide. New objects in the tank help to relieve boredom.
  • For feeding follow label instructions.
  • Sprinkle a few flakes at a time to allow fish to eat what they want in a 3-4 minute period.
  • Left over food must be removed from the tank.


  • Fish should be kept at an advised temperature according to species.
  • Never overfill. Choose fish that live at different levels in the water.
  • When purchasing tropical fish, ensure they will all live happily together.


  • Always purchase more than one goldfish as they need companionship.


  • Regularly change the water, wash the gravel and clean the sides of the tank.
  • Tap water should be left for 24 hours before adding to the tank.
  • Always ensure your tank, filter etc. is set up correctly. If in doubt, contact your local Aquatic Specialist.


  • Always remove autumn leaves.
  • Ensure that you have overhead cover and plenty of light for the pond plants.
  • If the pond freezes over in winter, carefully remove part of the ice.

How to maintain a Healthy Fish

Fish Flakes are clean, convenient and as nourishing as fresh live food. Fish Flakes help maintain a healthy growth and long life through:

  • An essential combination of nutrients.
  • High protein content vital for development of muscle tissue.
  • Contains fats and oils required for energy.

Aquatabs are a complete tabletted fish food, they are simple and convenient to use. Press an Aquatab onto the inside glass below the water surface and watch your fish eat. As the tablet disperses slowly, it's ideal if you are having to leave them for a day or two.

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