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Rain Water For The Pond?

In the light of growing concern for the environment and the increasing cost of water, the use of rainwater as a source of pond water is often considered as an option. After all, rainwater falls from the heavens free of charge. There are, in principle, no objections to this providing a few points are borne in mind:
As mentioned already in the previous chapter, the carbonate hardness plays a vital role as a pH buffer in the pond, a type of life insurance for your pond fish. Rainwater is known for its softness and is unsuitable for this reason. Furthermore, thanks to our industrialised society, rainwater may contain acids and/or heavy metals, quite apart from the dirt washed off the roof. In addition, rainwater from storms may contain larger or smaller levels from nitrates as a result of the electrical discharge process in the atmosphere.

Rainwater intended for use in a pond should first pass through the sort of mechanical filter, which is included in most rainwater collection systems. It should then be hardened to at least 5d carbonate hardness. Any heavy metals must also be treated and protective collides added to the water to make it suitable for the pond.

JBL AlkalonCombi increases carbonate hardness, binds toxic heavy metals and introduces vital ingredients and protective collides to the rainwater, transforming it into the ideal water for the garden pond. If larger amounts of rainwater fall directly into the pond during heavy showers, JBL AlkalonCombi may be added to the pond directly.

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