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The garden pond, attraction and natural oasis in the garden

By building a garden pond you have not only added a design feature to your garden but also laid the foundations for a wide variety of different facets of nature study in your very own back yard. By creating a small pond you have provided a haven for many endangered species, threatened by the disappearance of more and more small pond and lakes from our countryside. Small ponds, in particular, with their surrounding marshy areas and banks are the natural habitat of a multitude of creatures from a wide range of species.

Depending on whether your pond is located in the centre of a city or on the outskirts, a greater or smaller variety of wildlife will find its way there. Amongst the animals, which might be attracted, are various types of amphibians, such as frogs, toads, newts etc. which will spawn in the pond in early spring. If the pond is not too densely populated with fish you will have the opportunity to observe at close range the fascinating transformation of small tadpoles into frogs. Birds will like to bathe and drink from the shallower areas of the pond. And interesting guests from the large insect kingdom will appear from time to time. The most striking are the colourful dragonflies, which lay their eggs on the stems of plants. With a little patience you will be able to observe the hungry larva in the water and with luck you will be able to see at close quarters how a dragonfly struggles to emerge from a chrysalis suspended from the stem of a plant. The insect kingdom offers many more fascinating sights for the careful observer, such as mayfly larva, water beetles and their larva and many others. It will certainly never be boring for you with your private grandstand view of nature.

Not forgetting the main stars of the pond, the fish. You are certain to find just the right sort of fish for your pond from amongst the wide range of suitable fish stocked by specialist retailers. Ask your retailer for advice. Many of the smaller indigenous fish are easy to keep.

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