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Information about parrots

Just like us, parrots have their own, unique characters. Some, like the Amazons, Caiques and Cockatiels tend to be friendly, active birds, always wanting to be the center of attraction. African Greys will watch more carefully from the sidelines, taking in everything that is going on and never missing a trick. Cockatoos love nothing better than a cuddle - and a good scream and yell! Senegals are full of mischief and may give the odd nip or two when they feel like it. Macaws can be gentile giants, but also very noisy! And all parrots enjoy chewing - whether it be their own perches and toys or your new three-piece suit!

Curious Birds

Some parrots, like the Kakapo and Ground Panakeet, are incapable of flight!

If you shout at your parrot because it's making too much noise, this will encourage it t yell even louder.

Stress can make parrots sick!

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