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My pet: Japanese Akita.

by Clifton Camilleri


My dog’s name is Kimoio and his type or better breed is Japanese Akita. His colours are white, gray and black. Kimoio is 5 years old and he weighs about 60/65 kilos. My dog likes to eat everything especially, apples, bananas and dog biscuits. He does not like to eat bread and potatoes. Kimoio is very friendly and he likes to play a lot with his ball. He likes to play with small children and with other dogs.

Type: Japanese Akita

Japanese Akita come from the Far East, Japan. In old days Akita hunted bears, wild boar, sable and deer. Today the Akita are guard dogs and show dogs. Japanese Akita grow bigger than 71cm in height. Their body is full of muscles. They have a ‘double coat’, which is 4cm long. A dog like Kimoio can live for more than 10 years. You have to give it check ups at the vet, training and good food.

Taking care of your dog:

You have to visit your vet once a year or more. This will make your dog live better and healthier. Another thing is to exercise your dog a lot. Every dog needs different kind of training but a small walk of 30 minutes a day will be very good for your Japanese Akita. Food is very important too. Sugar is not good for your dog’s teeth. Large dogs like Kimoio have large problems with bones and joints, so give them good food with many nutrients. You have to brush your Akita everyday because of the long fur. Even a bath will help to keep the dog healthy and the fur more nice and shiny.

Sick and Cure

You have to check your dog’s ears, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, paws, skin and fur/coat every week. You are the only person that can tell if your dog is well or sick. If he is sick, phone your vet quickly!

Some signs of sickness:

  • difficulty in climbing the stairs
  • difficulty in getting up
  • increase / decrease in drinking
  • skin / coat changes
  • weight changes
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • excessive itchiness
  • increase in urination

Donated by Clifton Camilleri

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