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My pet: Boxer Puppy

by Natasha Cachia


My pet is a Boxer and he is a puppy. He likes to play all the time. When I come from school he starts to play. He is friendly. Nearly all Boxers are friendly with people.

Here is some information for you to know about Boxers:

The Boxer is one of the most popular working breeds. His character is of the greatest importance as he has always been renowned for his great loyalty to his master and he is an ardent protector of his own family. In 1896 the German Boxer Club was formed with the object of stabilizing the breed, but it was not until 1905 that the German fanciers could agree on a stand.

The Boxer is of moderate size, full of energy and very strange. American and some continental Boxers are cropped, but in the UK they are left natural. The coat should be short and glossy, lying smooth and tight to the body. The permissible colour is fawn in various shades from light yellow to deep red. White markings are allowed and a black mask (The muzzle of fore face generally so called with reference to colour; for example, a light dog may have a dark mask.) is essential.

Dogs: 22 – 24 inches (56 – 61 cm)
Bitches : 21 – 23 inches (53 – 58 cm)
(A bitch is a female dog)

Some general tips

Did you know that dogs are intensely social animals, capable of forming deep attachments to their human family as well as to other pets? Their need for social contact and for bonding to another being is apparent in the way they seem ‘sad’ or ‘anxious’ when left behind.

If your dog has recently experienced the loss of a second family dog or even a cat, it helps to be prepared for the following signs and their solutions:

Dogs, like people, need the room to feel depressed. After all they are certainly capable of missing a companion. Occasional surprise toys can make difference in your dog’s behaviour, especially if you choose the type it prefers (example: balls or discs for fetching, or fleece toys for shaking.) “Play dates” with other dogs can also bring out the puppy in it once again.

Travelling with your dog:

The most important piece of equipment for travel is the dog carrier that has some openings for your dog to see the outside world. Dog carriers must have attached bowls for food and water. If you are planning to travel by plane, be sure that the carrier is airline approved. Have your dog examined by the veterinarian before leaving on the trip.

Donated by Natasha Cachia

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