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My Poodle

by Josephine Galea

It was a hot mid summer day the family had gathered around near and in the pool to keep cool and enjoy a long weekend, the kids splashing about to set the dog barking and running around the pool from one end to another. The dog was a small white standard poodle named lady, lady was elegant smart mean and spoiled rotten.

No walks trough the fields, no retrievel romps in marsh, only the finest pet food best grooming and regular rides in the beemer. And dont even think of doing anything she darn well pleased..... the response was swift and full of teeth. Most of the family secretly hated lady but tolerated her cause of her owner sake. So as lady dashed from one end to the other of the pool no one really paid any attention in fact no one really notice when the barking stopped. No one except me, the barking had stopped cause the dog--- who hated water--- had slipped in the pool.

No problem, dogs are instinctive, good swimmers, and heck, poodles come from a long line of waterdogs I told myself this as I waited for lady to resurfice and swim smartly to the steps to get out , tick tick tick , no dice, ok she is just a little heavier then I tought and sank lower than normal, she will come bursting up trough the surface any second now. Tick tick tick, still no lady.

Getting somewhat alarmed at that point I rose to get a good look down of the bottom of the pool, there she was like a confused seahorse paddling madly midway between the bottom and the surface and getting nowhere. It wouldn't be much longer and this poodle would be paddling through that big pool in the sky. I think it was the visions of having to do an artificial respiration on the family nemesis that finally spurred me to jump after the dog. A few moments and many deep scracthes later and lady had been lifted bodily in to the coping.

Lady soon after was ok and soon again was mean with all the family.

Donated by Josephine Galea

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