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A. Patron and Honorary Member :-
1. The Honourable Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries.

B. Honourable Life Members :-
1. Bonnici Edward
2. Gerken Susanna Mrs.
3. Littmoden Joan Mrs.
4. Caruana Paul
5. Fsadni L.T. M.I.E.D. Dip, Pol, and Econ. Educ.
6. Micallef Max
7. Borg Cardona Stanley
8. Meli Joe
9. Alfred Micallef


(Since March 1990)

Activity Organisers:

1. Junior Handler : - Two (2) Committee members
2. Observers: - Any one (1) member of the committee of an affiliated Society / club.


(As from 10th March 1988)

1. The German Shepherd Dog Breed Club.
No All-Breed National Canine Organisation can affiliate to The Malta Kennel Club.
Only specific Breed or Group Clubs will be recognised.
Canine organisations, which are Town or Regional based may also, be accepted.

The Malta Kennel Club (last weekend) January
The Malta Kennel Club (last weekend) February
The Malta Kennel Club (last weekend) March
The Malta Kennel Club (last weekend) Annual May
The Malta Kennel Club (last weekend) FCI Int. Show October
The Malta Kennel Club (last weekend) November/December

The above Schedule may be altered at the Committee's discretion
One International Show per annum is compulsory as per FCI Regulations. The date of such Show is at the discretion of the Malta Kennel Club after obtaining the necessary approval of the FCI.
An additional International Championship Show may also be held subject to the rules and regulations of the FCI.


1. NAME : - The Club shall be called "THE MALTA KENNEL CLUB" - herein after referred to as "THE CLUB"

2. Object : - The objects of The Club are : -
A. To promote in every way the general improvement of dogs
B. To endeavour in every way to carry out and control the following activities:-
I. The Classification of Breeds and their registration.
II. The registration of dogs, transfers of ownership, production of pedigrees, certificates etc.
III. The compilation and maintenance of registers of relevant General Societies and other Canine Organisations, herein - after collectively referred to as "Societies".
IV. The licensing of shows and other canine activities
V. The awarding of "Challenge Cups" offered for the (Annual) show held in May of each year.
VI. The awarding of Championship Certificate and the approval of judges to award them.
VII. The publication of an annual "Year Book" or any other publication
VIII. The sole authority to enter into a reciprocal agreement with "the Kennel Club" of England until the club is in full control of all matters concerning the breeding, registration and exhibition of pedigree dogs in Malta over which jurisdiction is claimed
IX. The sole authority to become an Associate Member (and eventually a Full Member) of the Federation Cynologique Internationale .
X. The formation and regulation of councils to consult on subjects of which such councils shall be considered to have special knowledge.
XI. The maintenance of a Junior Organisation to foster in young people the knowledge of dogs and their welfare and acceptable standards of personal behaviour.
XII. To provide Club premises and the means of social activities for the members of the Club and the making of bye -laws appertaining thereto.
XIII. To frame and enforce laws, bylaws and regulations in furtherance of the above mentioned objects.
XIV. The Club shall thus adjudicate matters concerning charges of infringements of the rules and may, in such cases, asses and impose fines suspend and disqualify persons found guilty of such infringements.
XV. To provide office and a secretary and other executives, during set hours, to assist in the administration of the above mentioned objects.


The Club may have a patron.

The committee will be composed of a President, Vice - President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Club Manager, Public Relations Officer and Three (3) members. The Committee so elected may then proceed to elect a Chairman of the Club.


1. Proposer and seconder: On application to sit on the Committee, candidates must indicate his/her wish to contest the election for the post of President, Secretary, Treasurer or Ordinary member, and must be proposed by a member of the club and seconded by another member of the club. The candidate's name and address must be duly forwarded to the Secretary. The proposer and seconder are held responsible for the eligibility of the candidate, respectively proposed and seconded.
2. Candidates for the Club Committee, proposer and seconder are to be fully paid up members at the time of contesting the election to the committee.


1. The outgoing Committee members must resign before the commencement of the election of the new members to the committee
2. The committee shall be elected by ballot by a simple majority of votes. The members present at the general meeting will then proceed to elect the President, Secretary, and Treasurer from amongst the eleven newly elected members of the Committee.
3. The President, Secretary and Treasurer so elected (as per 1 above) will hold their post for two (2) consecutive years. In the case where one of these officials resign from their post prior to the two (2) your term, the members present at the next general meeting will then elect another official in replacement for the remaining term of office. This in order to be in conformity with the other two officials.
4. No person/s will be eligible to sit on the Club's Committee if this same person/s was/were committee member/s of an All Breeds Society licensed to hold General Championship Dog Shows.
5. Active Committee member/s of dissident club/s and/or their spouses will not be eligible to sit on the Club's Committee for a period of at least three years after resigning from the said committee.
6. The elected members of the Committee will then elect a Chairman to sit and chair all Committee meetings.


On the occurrence of a vacancy/vacancies during tenure of the committee, the vacancy/vacancies shall be filled by the non - elected member who has obtained the next highest number of votes at the last election of the Committee at the Annual General Meeting. If this is not possible, the committee shall have the power to delegate any member the designation of any official for the remaining term as applicable and / or co-opt any member for any specific duty for the remaining term of office as applicable.


The election for club membership is vested solely in the committee. Candidates are required to receive two/thirds (2/3) majority of the members present at the committee meetings at which their names are submitted. No reason need be given to the individual for non-acceptance.


The Annual subscription shall be according to Appendix "A" or as may be determined by the General Committee as per PART 37 item 2A or as may be fixed by a resolution at General Meetings from time to time. It is to be paid in January of each year and before the Annual General Meetings. Members whose subscriptions are not paid before the General Meetings are due, will not be allowed to attend the General Meetings. New members shall pay their subscription on receiving the official notification of their acceptance.


1. Every member of the club undertakes to abide by the Statute, Rules and Regulations of the club, and any by-laws, which may from time to time be given by the Committee as a result of a resolution/s passed by the General Meetings.
2. Members taking an active part in Canine activities, other than those approved by the Club will be disciplined as per PART 27 (1). (2). (3).
3. The Annual subscription shall be paid on the 1st January of each year for that current year. Members whose subscription is not paid cannot participate in any of the Club's activities.
4. Membership shall be open to all persons over eighteen (18) years old. There will be four categories of full membership :-
I. Ordinary - Open to all persons aged eighteen (18) or over.
II. Family - Open to all married couples or widows/widowers and their unmarried children below eighteen (18) years of age. These said children have no voting rights.
III. Life - Open to ordinary members on presentation of the appropriate fee.
IV. Overseas Single or Couple - Open to those who are not residents in Malta, have no residence in Malta, but who may visit Malta for periods not exceeding three (3) months in any one calendar year.


1. Any member, who wishes to resign, must give written notice of his intention to the Secretary.
2. Any member, who fails to pay the annual subscription fee by the given date of the Annual General Meeting, shall forfeit his right of membership, but he may subsequently re-apply for membership as per PART 11 of this statute.


An ordinary member's privilege shall include the use of the Club House and free copies of any publication of the Kennel Club "Year Book" and a copy of the Statute, Rules and Regulations, as at the time of being accepted as a member of the Club.


Any member holding office as The Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries.


A person may be an elected an Honorary Life Member of the club at a General Meeting on the recommendations of the Committee. Notice of a proposal to collect an honorary life member must appear on the agenda of a General Meeting. Honorary life members shall have all the right and privileges of membership but shall not to be liable to pay subscriptions.


1. All the affairs of the club shall be managed by, and all its powers delegated to, the Committee or to any sub-committee appointed as deemed necessary. The Committee should have the power to co-opt and appoint any person/s (who are not under disciplinary action by the committee) to serve on such sub-committees. The Committee shall also co-opt any person/s to act as 'advisers' and attend Committee meetings.
2. The Chairman shall chair all meetings. In his absence, the President will take the chair, and in his absence, the Vice-President will take the chair. In the absence of all three, the Members present will then elect a chairman for that one meeting.
3. The Committee shall hold its sittings as may, from time to time, be decided upon.
4. The President and / or Chairman should have the power to convene a meeting on his own accord or at the request of three (3) members of the Committee. At all meetings of the committee, when the members' votes are equal, the chairman shall have the casting vote.
5. Seven (7) members of the Committee shall form a quorum at such meetings.
6. The Secretary shall attend all Generals and Committee meetings and take minutes of same. He shall, in common with the Chairman have the direction of the Club's affairs. He shall lay before the committee the minutes of the last meeting and all correspondence or matters of interest arising since last meeting.
7. The Secretary and the Treasurer will arrange for the collection of subscriptions, fees, fines, etc, and shall have the power to make all ordinary payments. They shall draw up a report on the activities of the Club and a balance sheet for the Committee prior to the Annual General Meeting.
8. The Assistant Secretary shall also be appointed by the Committee and, if and when the need arises, shall perform the duties of the Secretary and/or Treasurer in their absence, and shall, when necessary, assist them in their duties.
9. Committee members not attending three (3) consecutive meetings without valid reason shall be called upon by other Committee members to explain or resign.


The in-going Committee shall after the first committee meeting appoint a General Purpose Committee (G.P.C.) amongst its Committee members. The scope of the G.P.C. is to deal with matters of general nature without the necessity of convening a full Committee meeting. Matters involving the club policies, rules, etc, cannot be decided by the G.P.C. but will have to be discussed and agreed or otherwise during a duly constituted Committee meeting.


Any member/s present during a General Meeting may request a change in the agenda:
1) If no objection is received by at least one (1) member.
2) In order to submit a resolution pertinent to the discussion in progress.


There shall be a Annual General Meeting of the club held during the month of February or March or any subsequent convenient date, but in any case not later than April of each year, which shall be convened by the Committee for the purpose of: -
1. Hearing the Administrative Report as prepared by the Secretary and the Financial Report as prepared by the Treasury and duly audited. Two (2) financial Checkers elected during the A.G.M. shall check the Club's financial activities. Both of the above mentioned reports are to cover the period of the venue of office of the Committee at the A.G.M.
2. Electing the Club Committee for the subsequent year.
3. Discussing any motion/s, which may be submitted for discussion.
4. Resolutions at General Meetings; the subject matter of any resolution passed by a majority of members at the general meeting should not be re- considered until the next but one General Meeting of members.
5. List of proposed Honorary Life Members.


Members eligible to attend during General Meetings shall received a copy of the Agenda at least ten (10) days prior to the General Meeting.


1. The committee may at their discretion call Extraordinary General meetings at any time by means of a circular sent to members at least two (2) weeks before the meeting is held.
2. The committee shall also call such an Extraordinary General Meeting, where a request is made to the Committee by not less than thirty (30) of the paid-up members of the club, duly signed by such members, stating the reason for such a request.
3. The request shall be made by registered mail to the Club Secretary. If the Committee upon receipt of the said requests, fails to convene such meetings within six (6) weeks, the members so requesting it, shall be entitled to convene the Extraordinary General Meeting themselves within twelve (12) weeks, from the receipt by the Secretary of the registered letter.
4. The membership of such members shall be at least three (3) months old.
5. No business shall be discussed at an Extraordinary General Meeting, other than those items for which the Extraordinary General Meeting was convened.
6. When during any General Meeting, any person/s request as secret vote, this must be carried out.


1. Twenty One (21) days notice should be given by means of a circular to all fully paid-up members of all Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings.
2. Members wishing to submit proposals, motions, etc., shall forward these either by registered mail or by hand to the Secretary at least fifteen (15) days before the meeting is held.
3. The quorum for such meetings shall be fifteen (15). If within thirty (30) minutes no quorum is formed, the meeting shall be held with the members present.


Emergency General Meetings can be called at short notice between seven (7) and fourteen (14) days. Members may be notified by means of the mass media.


No member shall give publicity in the mass media to matters affecting the management of the Club, or the proceedings at Club meetings, without first being authorised by the Committee, and the information in question being discussed and decided upon by the Committee. Any member infringing this Rule will be subject to disciplinary action as per Part 27, and Part 28 of these rules.


1. Any person/s promoting, exhibiting, judging or in any way officiating at an unrecognised show, shall at the discretion of the Committee, be penalised according to the nature of the offence and shall be disqualified from making any objection. Should the guilty party be a committee member the disqualification shall be for life.

2. The club shall not recognise any certificates won during any unrecognised show/s. Consequently, the offender/s shall not be entitled to any points towards the making of a 'Champion' as in PART 44.
3. A General Meeting shall have the power to remove any disqualification that falls under this rule by a tow thirds (2/3) majority.
4. No person may judge at any show, whether in Malta or abroad without first informing the Club in writing enclosing full evidence thereof, including breed/breeds to be judged, type and location of show, and the name of the inviting Society as well as the name of the Secretary.


1. The Committee shall have the power to inquire and deal with any charge which may be made against any member :-
I. The Committee shall have the power to inquire into any act or conduct, in regard to a dog or any matter connected with, arising out of, or relating to a dog show or to these rules, which act or conduct is, in the opinion of the Committee, discreditable or prejudicial, to the interest of the canine world.
II. The Committee may moreover, inquire into any act or conduct which in its opinion, is related to, or connected with anything arising out of these rules or their interpretation.
III. The charge made by the Secretary of the Club, on behalf of the Committee or the Show Committee, or by any member who is not suspended or disqualified.
IV. The charge if made by an individual, must be accompanied by a deposit of five Maltese Liri (Lm5.00), which may be wholly or partly awarded, if the charge be dismissed, to the person charged or otherwise dealt with, as the Committee shall deem fit.

2. The Committee, if any charge is proved to their satisfaction, shall have the power to:-
I. Suspend the person/s charged from all membership rights, including those of attending and voting at General Meetings.
II. To suspend the person/s charged from taking any part in or having any connection with or attending any shows, field trials, or working trials or any other activity held under the auspices of the Club.
III. To disqualify from competition all dogs owned by him or registered in his name as from the date when the charge was logged, and to disqualify from registration or competition, at the jurisdiction of the Committee, the progeny of any dogs owned by him as from that date.
IV. To disqualify him from Judging, or taking part in the management of a show, field trial, or in shows under the auspices of the Club.
V. To reduce a charge under this rule, a complaint is to be lodged as under rule PART 30.

3 The penalties above may be for life or such shorter periods as the committee may decide, and only an Annual General Meeting shall have the power to remove or modify any suspension or modification, unless this suspension is governed by the rules of the FCI and/or Kennel Club. Any member suspended, shall, during the period of such suspension, not be eligible to become or remain a member of any Club or Society registered or affiliated with the Club. If any member suspended under this rule shall attend any shows, field-trial or working trials, the Committee shall have the power to increase the period of suspension or disqualification. The Committee shall have the power, in any case under this rule, advise the FCI and / or the Kennel Club and to publish an account of the same, together with proceedings in respect thereto, in the official organ of the Club, vis., Kennel Gazette and or Year Book, together with the names, address and description of such disqualified or suspended members, and furthermore, to publish the name/s in two (2) separate "Black List", which the Committee shall have the power to forward to any person or persons concerned, as they may think fit, and to all Societies affiliated to the Club. Any member who shall employ a suspended or disqualified member, under this rule, in any capacity in connection with the Club and its affiliated bodies' activities will, if it is proved to the satisfaction of the Committee that he knew of such suspension or disqualification, be liable to be dealt with as an offender within the meaning of the rule.


1. A society or any other organization affiliated to the Club, failing to comply with the Club's Rules and Regulations, will be reported to the FCI and / or the Kennel Club of England about its misconduct as long as The Club (Malta) is an associate member and/or affiliated to same.
2. A detailed report of the misconduct of the affiliated society shall be lodged to The FCI and/or the Kennel Club of England for their perusal and guidance.


The committee shall also have the power to a inquire into, and deal with any complaint which may be made against any person / persons (whether he has made a registration at The Club or not) for any default or omission in regard to any matter with, or arising out of, or relating to, a Dog Show or these rules, or any regulation made there-under. The complaint may be made by the Secretary of the Club on behalf of the Committee or Show Committee or by any person, who is not suspended or disqualified, in writing by registered mail. The complaint, if made by an individual, must be accompanied by a deposit of five Malta Liri (Lm 5.00), except when the complaint is against guarantors or other promoters of a Show for non-payment of a prize, which may be wholly or partly awarded, if the complaint be dismissed, to the person complained or otherwise dealt with, as the committee shall deem fit.
The committee may, if the complaint is proved to their satisfaction, censure and/or inflicted on him/her a fine, payable at such time as they determine, and if the person makes default in payment, he shall, as long as such defaults shall continue, be liable to be dealt with as if he had been suspended under rule PART 28. A complaint lodged under this rule may be deemed to be lodged under rule PART 28, if the committee so decided. All complaints should be lodged within three (3) days from the day the show is complete.
The committee shall have the same power of publication as regards complaints and counter-complaints under this rule as are provided for in the preceding rule.


1. Any decision of the Disciplinary Sub-committee whereby, it imposes a penalty on any person / persons shall be subject to a Right of Appeal, by that person / persons to the appeals tribunal of the committee.
2. The "Board of Appeal" is to consist of four (4) members not taking an active part in dog showing, and two (2) lawyers. All appointed members of the "Board" are to be acceptable to both the committee and the member in dispute.
3. A month's time is allowed to that member to send in the names of a lawyer and chairman.


The Committee, or such members thereof as the Committee shall, from time to time appoint, may act as an arbitrary upon any question or dispute which shall be submitted to the Committee for a determination: -
I. As to the ownership or pedigree of any dog/s.
II. Arising out of any contract for the sale, loan or custody, or care of a dog.
III. Concerning or relating to any dog show.
The Committee may make Rules and Regulations as to the conduct and procedure at any such arbitration and the fees to be charged.


No resolution, which alters or varies the constitution and rules of The Club, shall be passed, unless carried by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the members present.


1. The committee shall not be this authority for the interpretation of the rules and regulations of the club's statute
2. In case of differences between any member/s and the Committee, that member/s has the right to put forward his dispute to a "Board of Appeal".


Should The Club be dissolved through a disagreement, a General Meeting should be called, and if in this same meeting, the disagreement shall still prevail, a cooling period of six (6) months and should be allowed, and a date for another meeting should be fixed. At the latter meeting three (3) members together with a legal adviser, will dispose of the said property within six (6) months and the proceeds shall go to a charitable institution. They should then inform all paid-up members immediately the Club's property has been disposed of, by means of a detailed circular.


No member shall: -
1. Use the Club for the purpose of business or use The Club address and for the purpose of his profession or business.
2. Make any publicity or advertisement by using The clubhouse / Premises or during any activity organised by The Club, without the written consent of the Committee. Such consent is to be recorded in the minutes of the relative Committee meeting.


1. The committee shall have the power to borrow money. The Committee may in its discretion establish a sinking fund for such purposes, as it shall think fit.
2A. The members in a General Meeting shall determine such fees as are required from time to time for the subscriptions, registration of dogs, pedigrees, affixes, transfers, etc., etc., provided that these fees are not increased / decreased by more than twenty percent (20%) in any one calendar year.
B. New fees for new services may be charged at rates as approved by the Committee at a fair and reasonable price. In such cases the controlling twenty percent (20%) is not applicable.
C. Only by a resolution at General Meetings may such fees be increased / decreased by more than twenty percent (20%) in any one calendar year.
D. It is incumbent on the General Committee to issue an appendix to the rules and Regulations of the Malta Kennel Club to be marked Appendix "A", whenever such fees are increased / decreased or any new fees are introduced.
3. The financial year of the club shall end on the 31st January. The accounts of the Club shall be checked and a verified, prior to the General Meeting, by two (2) financial checkers, elected from the A.G.M., and before being audited by one (1) qualified accountant elected from the Club's General Meeting for one year during the same A.G.M.
4. The 'financial checkers' shall assist and check the Club's financial administration.
5. The three officials, namely The President, Secretary and Treasurer shall arrange for the collection of subscriptions, fees, fines etc, and shall have the power to make all ordinary payments. They shall draw up a report on the activities of the Club and a balance sheet before the committee meeting prior to the Annual General Meeting. In the absence of any one of the said officials, the Committee shall have the power to appoint the assistant of this official to perform his duties in his absence, including the power to make all ordinary payments.


Members of the committee and of any sub-committee and officials of the club shall be indemnified by The Club against any legal claim made against them, in connection with the proper discharge of their duties.


1. When any person/persons has been suspended or disqualified by the ruling canine authority with which The Club is an associate member i.e. the FCI or with whom the Club is affiliated, i.e. The Kennel Club of England, the Committee shall have the power to prohibit the same person/persons from acting as officials in local shows, trials or any other activities recognised by The Club.
2. The Club shall inform the FCI, the Kennel Club and its affiliated Societies about any suspensions, fines, disqualification or any other disciplinary action taken against a person/persons by the disciplinary board of The Club, and shall impose on all affiliated societies the same disciplinary action taken against the offender/offenders.
3. The Club shall equally impose any suspension, disqualification, fines or any other disciplinary action on the offender/offenders found to be guilty by the FCI, the Kennel Club and its affiliated societies
4. Should the offender/offenders appeal from the penalty imposed, it will be The Club's disciplinary board that should have the final decision.


A Society or Breed Club may affiliate to The Club if The Club's Committee is satisfied with the conditions here under: -
I. Having informed The Club in writing with the Society's title, which may only be used if and when The Club gives its approval.
II. Having informed The Club with the names of its committee members and their posts as members of the committee.
III. Having applied in writing to be accepted as an affiliated society of The Club, together with a declaration accepting to abide wholly to The Club's Rules and Regulations.
IV. The application is to be signed by the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the same society.
V. A statement declaring who the founder members of the society are, should be duly signed by the President, Secretary and Treasurer.
VI. The applicant being a fully constituted body, i.e., having its objectives and statute approved by its members [not less than fifteen (15)] at a General Meeting, which should not conflict with the Rules and Regulations of the Club.
VII. The title of the society, as known, and if approved, on date of application cannot be altered without The Club's prior consent.
VIII. Having accepted to pay a fair and reasonable fee on application to be affiliated to The Club as per Appendix "A".
IX. A full schedule, (name of judges and dates of shows), for one (1) calendar year is to be published three (3) months prior to any events being held with the approval of The Club.
X. Disciplinary action as per PART 28
XI. The society should not register any dog/dogs or issue pedigrees.
XII. The society shall keep records of its members and their pedigree dogs accepted to take part in any of its activities recognised by The Club
XIII. Show results will be furnished to The Club within fifteen (15) days from date of completion of show.


All shows, etc., organized by the Societies are to be licensed by The Club as per Appendix "A".


No Club Committee member can sit on any Societies' Committee unless after two (2) consecutive years of being a non-committee member of that club. The same is applicable to any society committee member/s sitting for election on The Club's committee, except as per PART 9 item 4.


Only the club shall issue "champion" certificates.


1. A total of 12 points will be needed to be entitled to call a dog / bitch / puppy "Champion".
2. These points are to be awarded at least in three (3) different championship Shows and under at least three (3) different judges.
3. The highest number of points that can be awarded in any single "Championship" Dog Show cannot be more than four (4).
4. The points awarded will be according to the number of entries in that particular breed:-
A. With only one entry, and if the dog wins first place, he will be awarded one (1) point
B. With two entries, the dog winning first place will be awarded two (2) points
C. With three entries, the dog winning first place will be awarded three (3) points
D. With four or more dogs, the dog winning first place will be awarded four (4) points.
E. If a dog wins Best in Group, he will be awarded maximum points [four (4)] even if he only was awarded one, two, or three points in his breed. However, the entries in that particular group should be at least of another three breeds, otherwise, that dog will be awarded number of points according to the number of dogs in the group, but up to a maximum of four (4) points.

The Malta Kennel Club Committee has decided to retain, for the time being, the present points system by which a dog can become a Champion. This present system will continue to run up to the end of the coming year - i.e., up to the year 2000. Concurrently with this system, and from the beginning of next year, the Malta Kennel Club will start a new system. This system will be in line with the system used by all other member countries of the FCI.
From now and only in specified "CAC Dog Shows"; the CAC will start to be awarded. It will be entirely up to the Judge which dog or dogs to award this CAC. Awarding CACs is not obligatory even for an excellent qualified dog if the judge does not think he is of high enough quality to be a Champion. Four CACs obtained within the span of two years under three different Judges will entitle that dog to become an Internationally recognised MALTESE NATIONAL CHAMPION.
The CACs are awarded according to the Judges preference, but can only be given to a maximum of one male and one female in each breed. CAC may only be awarded to dogs that are 15 months of age on the date of the show. It therefore follows that dogs in the puppy class will not be awarded CACs. Dogs entered in the Veteran Class will neither be entitled to receive the CAC. Dogs entered in the Champion Class will obviously not require this certificate and it follows therefore that the CAC will also not be given in this class either. Only dogs that are entered in the Junior, and Open Class, will be eligible to obtain CACs. Every CAC is only awarded to the dog/s who is the winner in the Class.
CACs and CACIBs are awarded in accordance to the "FCI Dog Show Regulations" and "Regulations of International Championship".
These Regulations (as amended from time to time by the FCI) form an integral part of the Malta Kennel Club's Rules and Regulations.


1. The clubhouse shall be open and ready for reception of members and closed at such times, as the Committee shall arrange from time to time.
2. Members may personally introduce visitors as their guests, but they must accompany guests, so introduced, during the period of their stay. The Committee shall have the power to exclude any guest so introduced.
3. No member shall take away from the Clubhouse, upon any pretence whatsoever, any newspapers, pamphlets, books or other article, the property of The Club.
4. No games of cards shall be played at the Clubhouse.


1. The following registration must be made with The Club in accordance with conditions stated on the forms produced:-
I. The name, breed, etc., of a dog prior to exhibition.
II. Any change of the registered name of a dog prior to exhibition under its new name.
III. The last transfer of ownership prior to exhibition is to be registered.
IV. Re-registration in ratification of any error in a previous registration, if a bona fede mistake or misrepresentation has been made or it is proved that a fraud has been committed.
V. The loan of a bitch for breeding purposes.
VI. The name assumed by an individual for exhibition or breeding purposes.
VII. The prefix and affix of an individual or partnership.
VIII. Registration and affiliation of societies.
IX. For general Championship show, breed shows, open shows, obedience shows, limited and match shows held under the auspices of The Club.
X. The Committee can enforce the obligation for tattooing the registration number on the dog.
XI. The club shall register a dog/dogs claimed to be the property of co-owners.
2. The committee may decline an application for any registration or cancel any registration already made.
3. A dog's name may not be altered once it has been registered. This applies also to imported dogs already registered with a Club which is a member of the FCI or with whom The Malta Kennel Club has a reciprocal agreement.


In the following classes: -
I. Dogs exhibited exclusively in classes specially exempted by the Committee.
II. Classes of dogs owned by children under 12 years of age.
III. Exemption classes at agricultural or horticultural or other shows, fetes and the like, for which exemption has been granted.


The "FCI Dog Show Judges Definitions - Duties / Rights - Regulations" form an integral part of the Malta Kennel Club's Rules and regulations, except where the MKC has obtained a special concession with regards to Malta's special requirements.


Dog Shows will be governed by the "Regulations for World and Section Shows", which regulations form an integral part of the Malta Club's Rules and Regulations.


In addition to the above mentioned fees, computerised documents and reports may be available, at rates or charges as approved by the Committee at a fair and reasonable price.


1. The committee shall maintain a breed registered before each 'pure breed' of dog recognised by The Club.
2. If dogs of the same breed, but without a pedigree, either sire or dam, are mated together, all members of the resulting litter should be eligible to second (2nd) class pedigree.
3. If dogs of the same breed with at least three (3) generation pedigrees are mated together, all members of the resulting litter shall be eligible to a first (1st) class pedigree.
4. (i) Dogs/Bitches twelve (12) months or under will be registered as puppies.
(ii) The Dog/Bitches twelve (12) months or over are registered as adults. Nevertheless if a puppy is twelve (12) months or under on the date of commitment of the show, the same puppy shall be eligible to participate throughout the show as a puppy.


At any General Meeting, the Chairman shall have the right of the casting vote when the number of votes in favour or against are equal.


1. The judges sub-committee shall be made of three members of the committee including the Secretary.
2. They shall consider and advice the Committee on any matter concerned with the suitability of persons to judge Local Championship Shows.
3. The choice of "judge" by the sub-committee has to be approved by the General Committee before being finally appointed.


The Annual General Meeting shall appoint two (2) financial checkers, from amongst the members present, to assist the Secretary and Treasurer in matters regarding the Club's finance.


The Malta Kennel Club Junior Organisation herein after referred to as the "Junior Organisation" has the following aims: -
1. To encourage young people to take an interest in the care and training of dogs and enjoy all activities connected with dogs.
2. To promote courtesy, sportsmanship, loyalty and self-discipline.
3. To develop a sense of responsibilities in Canine activities.

Regulations: -
1. The "Junior Organisation" will be managed by a council elected from the Committee members and including the Secretary of the Committee.
2. Junior members of the Organisation are those, whose ages range between ten (10) years or over and seventeen (17) years or younger as on the first November of that year.
3. A levy of one Malta Liri (Lm1.00) per Annum will be collected by the Club from each junior member with his/her parent's consent for the benefit of the Organisation.
4. Any member whose behavior or other actions are judged to bring discredit upon the Junior Organisation may, on the authority of the council have the membership terminated.
5. The General Committee of the club will be required to endorse all matters of policy and finance and will be the final authority in all matters.
6. The winner of the "event" will qualify if, at the age of seventeen (17), he/she will have obtained the highest number of points.

THE EVENT: - junior handler and affiliated societies: -
1. Affiliated societies may organize Junior Handling events only if authorised by The Club.
2. Points won by Junior competitors, during each recognised event will count towards the final winners of first (1st) second (2nd) and third (3rd) places. The new point system will commence as from November 1990. Points will be given in this order:-
First (1st) .... Five (5) points.
Second (2nd) .Three (3) points.
Third (3rd).....One (1) point.
3. During the above event, two (2) members from the club and one (1) member from an affiliated Society (committee members) shall act as observers to ensure the smooth running of the event.
4. Any dog/dogs which is/are aggressive towards their handlers or the official/officials during the event, after a maximum of two (2) events, will be disqualified from participating in any Junior Handler event, from the date of being disqualified onwards. It will be the three (3) nominated officials during the event who will decide if the dog/s was/were aggressive due to being mishandled or otherwise by the same Junior Handler.
5. The winner of the Junior Hander event shall be the one obtaining the highest number of points throughout the year, from activities organised by the Club and its affiliates, licensed to do so,
6. The final winner will be entitled to participate in the International Junior Handler event held in England and called the "Crufts" Dog Show organised by the Kennel Club of England and /or during the Junior Handlers event during World or European Dog Shows organised by FCI member Countries. This has yet to be established.
7. The event will commence on November and followed by all shows a per PART 4 - CHAMPIONSHIP SHOWS of the Rules and Regulations of the Club. The final event will be that of October of the next year, when the winner is declared to have obtained the highest number of points unless and if:-
I. By the final Show in October, there will be competitors with the same amount of points, then the next show, being held in November, will be the decisive one.
II. The competitors in the event are still on equal points during the decisive month of November, then it is up to the judge of the day to give the competitors different patterns to follow with the dogs, until the same judge can make a "best to his knowledge", assessment of the Best Handler.


All children wishing to participate in the "Children's Class" must be below the age of ten (10) years on the first of November of that year. If during the course of the competition (November - October of the following year), the child attains the age of ten (10) years, that child may participate in the "Children's Class" for only one more time.


Exhibitors shall forfeit their right to claim any trophies and certificates, won during all shows or matches if they are not collected from The Club's premises within one month from date of completion of the show.


The Club may at any time, employ a clerk, other than that the assistant secretary already on the committee, to assist the Secretary on a part-time basis and at a fair and reasonable fee. The clerk's duties shall consist solely of clerical and computer work. The clerk shall have nothing to do with the Club's administration.


Owners and / or handlers of dogs being exhibited during any show need not necessarily be fully paid up members. However the show registration for non-members will be increased accordingly, as per Appendix "A".


A registered title of a kennel name cannot be used by any other person/persons applying to register their kennel/s.


The club shall publish, as early as possible, after the General Meeting, any resolution, amendments or cancellations of the Rules and Regulations, existing, in order to keep its Constitution updated and informative.

(Where applicable)

1. Reference to the Kennel Club (England) Year Book shall be made to any article, regarding the Rules and Regulations, which is not included in this Constitution.
2. The Club's Committee shall be the sole authority in the interpretation of the Kennel Club of England Year Book.


All motions approved during General Meetings are to be a force with immediate effect.


1. Bitches with obvious signs of being on heat will be disallowed entry into the ring.
2. A vaccination certificate duly signed and stamped by a veterinary official, is to be produced at the club on registration of a show.


1. Reference to the FCI statute, Rules and Regulations shall be made to any article regarding rules and regulations, which are not included in this constitution.
2. These rules and regulations supersede any reference made to any other form of regulations - presently the Kennel Club YearBook.

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