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All about Shampoo and Grooming

Some pets like it, others run a mile, but there's nothing nicer than a clean, fresh and well groomed dog. Believe it or not, pets like to feel good and look good too. There are many shampoos to choose from depending on your pet's haircoat, skin condition and any specific needs like flea control. Did you know that providing you use the right shampoo, you can shampoo your pet as regularly as you like without damaging the coat.

Advice on Shampoo and Grooming

  • Before shampooing give your pet a thorough brushing to remove all those loose hairs, this then improves the effectiveness of the shampoo.
  • When grooming ensure you choose the right brush suitable for your pet. For pets with thick coats always brush against the growth.
  • Ensure your pet's eyes and ears are protected from shampoo/water getting in. Thoroughly soak your pet with luke warm water and apply shampoo, working from the neck to the tail, massage into the hair and skin. Leave the shampoo to penetrate the coat for about 5 minutes or see bottle label instructions.
  • After rinsing, towel dry, brush and keep pets nice and warm until hair is completely dry. Take care with hairdryers as you can easily burn the skin.

How to maintain a Healthy Coat

  • All breeds are prone to excessive moulting, longer haired breeds are also prone to tangles. To reduce this brush on a daily basis and shampoo using Vetzyme Conditioning Shampoo which can help manageability.
  • Short haired breeds are prone to dry skin. To help maintain healthy skin try using the ExmaRid Deep Cleansing Shampoo, using on a regular basis will help maintain a healthy skin and coat.

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