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Egg is used in specific ROYAL CANIN products, because of its high digestibility and for its important content of high biological value proteins: it means that egg proteins contain a lot of undispensable amino-acids for the dog or the cat. Egg is also a very palatable ingredient for cats and dogs.

Egg is the "finish touch" for highlighted products such as "growth" products.

ROYAL CANIN uses egg powder : it includes yolk and white of egg, but, of course. the shell is removed.

Average composition of total egg content without shell % DM CP/DM CF/DM White (W) 12,1 87,6 traces Yolk (Y) 51,3 32,3 63,5 W + Y 26,4 48,4 39,7 DM : Dry Matter ; CP: Crude Proteins ; CF : Crude Fat

Proteins come mainly from the white part (ovalbumin). The yolk brings mostly fats (phospholipids).

Egg is a very interessant source also for iron, vitamins A and D, vitamins B.

Allergic phenomenons are seldom linked to a direct nutritional cause: they represent only 3 to 8 % of allergic cutaneous diseases. Among those cases of dietary allergy, egg is exceptionnally involved: in dicreasing frequency order, egg comes after beef, milk, wheat, soya and alimentary additives.

Moreover, egg is often used as the main proteic source, in dietetic hypoallergenic diets.

In human medicine, the order is completely different: egg is mostly involved as an allergen, with fish, and beef comes last.

One can read in scientific literature that raw egg contains some anti-nutritional factors:

  • antitrypsin: inhibits the digestive action towards proteins of this pancreatic enzyme ;
  • antibiotine (avidin): inhibitor of vitamin H (biotine) absorption. But the yolk is a great source for biotine ; therefore this negative effect is countered.

Extrusion way of cooking associates heat and humidity, and this is enough to destroy these antinutritional factors.


It is not advised to add raw eggs in dog or cat diet, because of a potential risk of salmonellosis infection. This bacteriological disease is responsible for toxi-infections in man and animal.

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