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Breeders (and veterinarians pretty soon), now benefit from Starter, a new product for reproductive bitches and puppies until weaning. Starter has been tested with more than 1500 puppies and 300 bitches of differents breeds from various sizes. Here are the main advantages pointed out by breeders.

Starter is extremely palatable.

82 % of breeders judge Starter’s palatability “ very good ” or “ exceptional”, both for bitches and puppies. Kennel tests and tests in the field have shown that Starter’s palatability is way over the palatability of competitors products. After a few days, puppies end up eating only Starter, ignoring the competitor product that was also offered to them.

This palatability makes the transition from maternal milk very easy, and allows to get a regular growth curve.

Starter’s presentation is suitable both for puppies and bitches.

Starter small triangular croquettes have been judged favorably by breeders because:

  • they are easily caught by very young puppies,
  • they do not roll, so they avoid wasting,
  • they are consumed without any problem by bitches whatever the size is.

Starter croquettes are easy to rehydrate to obtain the consistance of a porridge at the beginning of the weaning. Then, when the quantity of liquid added is progressively decreased, they are so tender that puppies can crunch them with pleasure. Starter croquettes are twice as tender compared to Medium or Maxi Junior croquettes.

Starter allows to get chubby puppies and bitches in better shape.

Starter contains 22 % fats and provides 4380 kcal /kg. It is more concentrated in energy compared to A2 and Size Junior products. Its proteins come from the best available sources: dehydrated poultry meat, milk caseine, fish. “ Starter ” makes the puppies “ starting ” easy, and prevents the bitch from drawing too much on its reserves to find all the energy it requires.

Starter acts efficiently against weaning diarrhea. Starter has been designed to make the weaning period as safe as possible.

  • Starter contains less than 25 % starch on dry matter, and this starch is got from a unique source, rice, which was not the case in A2. But rice is the safest cereal considering the digestive tolerance.
  • To prevent from the occurence of digestive troubles, Starter brings a moderate amount of dietary fibers (6 %). Among those fibers, there are fructo-oligosaccharides (not present in A2), that are in favour of the settlement of a beneficial bacterial flora for the digestive tract health.
  • The incorporatiçon of a clay, zeolite, makes the stools significatively drier, firmer, without deteriorating the digestive performances. Clays protect the digestive tract from the action of some toxins, and they have a regulator role towards the digestive transit. There was no zeolite in A2.
  • Including fish oil (under more concentrated form compared to A2), helps fighting against intestinal inflammation, very frequent in young puppies, mainly because of parasitic or infectious diseases.


Starter helps to start the weaning early, and it is really easier to use than the A2 weaning porridge. Its acceptation does not arise any problem. With Starter, breeders that desire chubby puppies for sale are satisfied. Last, Starter considerably dicreases the risk of weaning diarrhea.

Starter makes the critical weaning period safer. Puppies start eating Junior products in better onditions. Let’s notice that the transition towards Junior products takes place smoothly.

Be careful not to keep on feeding Starter after the 7th / 9th week according to the breeds. Such a practise would encourage:

  • accelerated growth and development of skeletal growth diseases in large dogs ;
  • future obesity in smaller dogs.

Donated by the Borg Cardona and Co. Ltd. visit Borg Cardona website

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