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All about Health & Vitality

Helping to keep your pets on their paws requires an essential balance of nutrients. As with ourselves, good health is based on good nutrition and our pets are no different. Vitamins and minerals are essential to help maintain a happy, healthy pet, full of vitality and in good overall condition.

Advice on Healthcare

Looking at your pet's condition can alert you to potential problems within their diet. Always check the following:
  • Nose - no nasal discharge
  • Eyes - clear and bright no discharge
  • Coat - shiny and thick, no smell
  • Bones - strong and well developed
  • Teeth - strong and clean
  • Muscles - well toned
  • Every owner likes to give their pets treats, but too many can lead to weight problems. With Vetzyme and Kitzyme Conditioning tablets you have the joy of giving pets a delicious treat without the concern of them becoming overweight, as they are 100% goodness, 98% fat free and free of artificial flavours.
  • Not only is a balanced diet important, regular controlled exercise every day is essential too.
How it Works All our health supplements are produced to cater for the different needs of your pets.
  • B+E is ideal for active working dogs and includes zinc and selenium known for helping to build strong muscles and a healthy coat.
  • All our conditioning tablets contain a rich source of vitamin B, an essential group of vitamins which promotes all round good health. Vitamin B complex are water soluble and cannot be stored in the body, therefore a daily dose is essential in keeping your pet fully charged, so remember "B"Active, 'B" Healthy, "B" Vitamins.
  • Phillips Stress powder contains a balanced level of vitamins A & D plus calcium and phosphorous, and is great for puppies and pregnant mothers.

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