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Since January 19th, “ 1st Age Milk ” replaces the previous A1 milk. What are the special advantages of this new product compared to the former one ?

Analysis closer to bitch’s milk one

To ensure a good digestive tolerance from the puppy, a milk replacer must have an analysis as close as possible from the bitch’s milk one.

Analysis on dry matter proteins (%) fats (%) lactose (%) Cow milk 24 - 28 28 - 30 35 - 39 Bitch milk 25 - 38 30 - 44 14 - 18 1st AGE MILK 33,0 40,0 17,0 previous A1 30,0 30,0 27,0

Compared to all its competitors, the composition of “ 1st Age Milk ” is the closest one to bitch’s milk. This is the one that contains the least lactose. All others contain between 23 and 41 % lactose.

In a milk replacer, starch must be prohibited to minimize the risk of diarrhea. At that age, a diarrhea is always serious because a new-born puppy can die from the dehydration it involves. “ 1st Age Milk ” does not contain any starch. This is not the case of some of its competitors that include dairy products denatured with starch. (Using denatured milks makes possible to get financial help from the European Union.) All the ingredients of “ 1st Age Milk ” are labelled: “ usable in human food ”.

Rehydration of “ 1st Age Milk ” is better and quicker. It is the only one milk replacer that rehydrates instantaneously.

The presentation of “ 1st Age Milk is completely new: it is no more a powder but it is proposed under a micro-granulated form. The new process used presents 3 main advantages.

  • Instantaneous rehydratation: artificially reared puppies receive 4 up to 8 meals per 24 hrs. Of course, such a rythm is tiring for the owner, and he appreciates very muchto be able to save some time during the preparation.
  • Limited wasting: micro-granules are easier to handle than the powder
  • No more lumps in the milk: this is something very positive for a good digestion by the puppy.

Practical using

All the details concerning the composition and the presentation of “ 1st Age Milk ” have been reviewed, in order to propose a product even safer and easier to use.

>From no on, the little measuring cup is the single unity for determine the right quantities:
- 1 full measure corresponds to 20 ml of tepid water
- 3 measures are necessary to prepare a 60 ml puppy-bottle.

The bottle provided with “ 1st Age Milk ” has got a neck large enough to make possible direct rehydration of the milk inside. Rigid, easy to handle, this bottle is graduated to allow a precise dosage of the water poured inside. Bottle and nipples can be micro-waved, which is an easy way to warm the milk up.

Nipples can now be screwed up thanks to a special ring. Getting it fixed is way easier than with the former system, that consisted in making the edge roll on to the neck of the bottle. This new system avoids to tip the full bottle over, when trying to fix the nipple.

3 nipples are now available, adapted to small, medium and large dogs. Each nipple is already pierced: then there is no risk to tear it up when trying to pierce it oneself. The kind of opening of the nipple allows to choose the output speed: 3 possibilities are offered, by simply turning the ring. This system avoids to the puppy to swallow air when suckling.

For puppies safety, the feeding ustensils must be extremely well cleaned. The large-neck bottle is easily cleanable. Both the bottle and the nipples can be hot-sterilized, which was not the case before.


“ 1st Age Milk ” is the result of 2 years testing with about 15 breeders of small, medium and large breeds, offering a panel of about 200 puppies. This product has been very much appreciated by all who tried using it, either as a milk replacer, or as a complement of the weaning-diet.

Donated by the Borg Cardona and Co. Ltd. visit Borg Cardona website

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