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Dry Skin

All about dry skin

Skin complaints are very common in cats and dogs and the symptoms are very easy to spot - itchiness, dry flaky skin, sometimes broken and sore because of constant licking, biting or chewing. The dehydrating effect of our centrally heated homes can be a contributory factor. Allergies, fleas, hormonal changes, bacterial infections and deficiencies in the diet also play a role.

Advice on Dry Skin

Nutrition, bathing and grooming will help provide relief for your pet.

  • For immediate effect, dryness and itchiness can be soothed with an ExmaRid lotion or ointment. This helps reduce the scratching, giving the skin a chance to recover.
  • Add Starflower oil to your pets diet, a nutritional oil which has been recognised as very beneficial in maintaining skin's health - it's like moisturising from the inside.
  • Help reduce flare-ups by keeping skin fresh and clean. Regularly bathe your pet using carefully formulated ExmaRid Tea Tree or ExmaRid Deep Cleansing Shampoo. These ingredients from nature have soothing properties and antibacterial benefits. ExmaRid Complete Skincare System ExmaRid is a complete skincare system in three basic steps.

    • Cleanse, disinfect and feed from the inside
    • Soothe itchiness, cool irritation and moisturise to reduce scratching
    • A protective skin care regime with special shampoo and daily supplementation

GLA - The Special Ingredient

ExmaRid Dry Skin Supplement provides the nourishing benefits of Starflower oil, nature's richest source of Gamma Linolenic Acid. The body uses this biological nutrient in skin cell production and in particular, in producing strong, healthy cell walls. Their function is to lock in moisture. GLA is also important to hormonal balance in the body - any imbalance can manifest itself in dry skin conditions and/or inflamed skin.

In severe cases where there is no improvement after two weeks, consult your vet.

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