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A high fat level in dogfood improves the performances of active dogs, helps to keep them in good shape whatever the external temperature is, and allows to limit the volume of the distributed rations.
But the nature of fatty acids that enter in the composition of the fats included in the diet has also a great influence on the results to expect. That is why each Energy product contains four different fat sources. Each fat used has got special nutritional characteristics.

Fats found in Mini, Medium and Maxi Energy

Animal fats

Animal fats (a mix of beef bone fat and poultry fat), are rich in saturated fatty acids. They are used for the reconstitution of the adipose tissue, which is the main place of energy storage in the body. They are also used for the regulation of the internal temperature, even under very cold conditions.

Soya and fish oils

These oils bring mainly unsaturated fatty acids. They are indispensable for the renewal and the fluidity of the cellular membranes, including the red cells ones. Better fluidity makes the penetration of red cells easier into the peripheric capillary vessels. This is in favour of the muscular oxygenation during physical exercise.

Associating fish and soya oils is a way to obtain a good balance between the different series of unsaturated fatty acids, i.e. omega 6 and omega 3.

Both series are essential, but omega 3 fatty acids have the particularity to inhibit the synthesis of some inflammation mediators. So they have a positive influence in case of:

  • cutaneous problems, especially from allergic origin,
  • enteritis (inflammation of the intestine), possibly connected with stress: they help to keep the integrity of the intestinal mucosa.

Fish oil is exceptionnally rich in long chain omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA).

Mini Energy: an additional intake of borage oil
This oil is very popular in human and animal dietetics, in human cosmetics, because of its richness in a special omega 6 fatty acid, gammalinolenic acid (or GLA). GLA leads the metabolism of fatty acids towards the synthesis of anti-inflammatory hormones. This production takes place at the expense of the synthesis of pro-inflammatory hormones.

Borage oil incorporation aims at regenerating the suppleness and the elasticity of the skin.

Medium and Maxi Energy: an additional intake of coprah oil

Coprah oil is extracted from coconut, and is very rich in short and middle chain fatty acids (fatty acids with 6, 8 or 12 atoms of carbon). The low molecular weight of these fatty acids make them very easily digestible, and readily usable by the body when energy is required urgently.

  • Short and middle chain fatty acids do not need to be emusified by the biliary salts before beeing digested by the digestive enzymes.
  • The action of pancreatic enzymes (lipases) is easier: the digestion of coprah oil is quicker than the one of fats containing long chain fatty acids (beef or poultry fats…).
  • Short and middle chain fatty acids are transported more easily to their destination. Their incorporation into the adipose tissue is low: most of the energy is used for muscular work.
  • Coprah oil fatty acids do not require carnitine to produce energy in the muscular cells. Their utilization is consequently quicker. In addition, it helps to save carnitine for long chain fatty acids.


The exceptional energetic concentration of Energy products allows not to increase much the volumes of the daily rations, even if the dog works a lot. Be careful however, to control the figure and the bodyweight of dogs that consume those products. Too generous rations would rapidly lead to an excess of bodyweight.

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