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A few questions commonly asked about dog's behaviour...

A puppy that is always begging for food : is he really hungry ?

The puppy’s education starts with the feeding behaviour. Puppy’s eyes are always moving when it begs for something. However, its owner must learn to feed it according to the evolution of his bodyweight’s curve, and not everytime it claims for it. The best is to feed it 3 times a day until it is 6 months old, and then, only twice a day. Two little meals are preferable to a single big one: it makes digestion easier. This system is preferable to “ self-service ” that encourages nibbling and makes the puppy capricious.

The daily amount of food is estimated through the tables that are printed on the dogfood packagings. A weekly weighing of the puppy helps to adapt its ration to the rythm of the growth. One steps on the scale with puppy taken in the arms and the puppy’s weight is got by difference. Then, it is possible to draw the growth curve.

If the puppy’s energy intake is not limited, the adult will be exposed to the risk of obesity, and the probability to observe skeleton diseases is largely increased.

Should the dog eat before or after his master ?

In the wild, the dominant individuals always eat first. To make the dog respect its master, and consider him as the “ chief of the pack ”, it is then recommanded to make the dog eat after his master. When it is not practically possible, the dog’s meal should be distributed at least one hour before its master’s, to make the dissociation clear.

During its master’s meal, the dog has to stay apart. Giving it food during the meal is the best way to make it spoiled and badly brought-up. Of course, once the master’s meal is over, it is eventually possible to give it leftovers, mixed with its own food.

If possible, it is better to feed the dog in a separated and quiet room. Once it has been fed, it is left alone about 10 minutes, without being disturbed. If by that time it has not eaten, the plate is taken off and the dog will be fed again only at the usual time of the next meal.

Should I punish a dog that has done some damage at home when he was alone?

It is only when a dog starts doing a prohibited thing, when it is caught in the act, that it can be efficiently reprimanded. If the master comes back home after the damage has been done, the dog will not associate what it has done with the punishment. On the contrary, it will associate its master come back with the punishment, and it will be seriously upset. Next time it will be waiting for its master come back, it will be anxious and likely to do damage again around it, to get rid of its anxiety.

In fact, when the owner discovers something wrong when going back home, he should behave as the dog would not exist, keeping an indifferent attitude during at least half an hour.

Moreover, even if the dog has not done anything wrong, it is better to avoid beeing too much exuberant when coming home. When a dog knows that is going to be party time when its master comes home, he gets excited before the moment of his arrival, and is ready for nibbling or tilting over things around in the environment. Stay calm and quiet when coming home, it is better for everybody !

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