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All about moulting

Hairs everywhere! A nuisance, but moulting is a natural process and most pets shed their hair once or twice a year, in spring and/or in autumn. Some breeds shed all year round. Allergies, indoor lighting and central heating, as well as early warm weather, can all have an effect on your petís shedding cycle.

Advice on moulting

  • If your pet enjoys lying in front of a fire or radiator, then they are more than likely to be susceptible to moulting problems.
  • Help replenish the natural oil levels in the coat by supplementing their diet with Vitapet, an oil-based supplement. Oils protect the coat from heat and are also necessary for healthy hair growth
  • Groom regularly to help remove dead hair and continue to use a supplement to keep moulting in check.
  • Loose hair can lead to fur balls in cats and rabbits. A common sign is vomiting in cats. Rabbits may go off their food or seem a little depressed - fur balls can have serious consequences. Always consult your vet if in doubt.
  • A high fibre diet or oil-based remedy can help move fur balls through the digestive system to be excreted normally.

Omega 6 - The active principle

The Vitapet formulations are rich in the Omega 6 nutrients which have been shown to help reduce excessive moulting and improve coat condition. In the body, Omega 6s are channelled into skin cell production and hair growth. Oil-based, they are excreted onto each hair, giving protection from heat and the outside elements.

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