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Aging Cats

by Krystle Galea

The aging process can be difficult for cats, month after month and year after year of their lives. They become used to a certain routine. They wake up at certain time, are groomed at particular time and get to eat and exercise. As they age, they realize that things are different, not because their owners are treating them differently, but because they feel different.

The changes can be frustrating for older cats. You may notice it becomes irritated more easily and whines a bit more. Thatís because they donít like whatís going on in their bodies. Cats experience both physical and mental changes as they grow older. Just as human hair turns white, so does cat hair, particularly the fur around there noses. You may also notice that their leg muscles arenít as strong as they once were and their primary organs begin to diminish in strength, on the physical side. You certainly want to monitor how your cat is doing when your cat begins to age. Youíll want to take it to see your vet more frequently, maybe every six months.

Your cat may start to lose it sight and hearing. As your cat ages you have to take precautions. Sometimes as cats age they begin to hear high pitched sounds much more easily than humans. Mentally you may see certain changes that are occurring. It may cuddle in the corner on its own or under a table more frequently. You want to be sure to exercise your cat more frequently. You need to spend more time with older cats so they can feel wanted.

Donated by Krystle Galea

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