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by Janice Busuttil

Whiskers and Tails

A catís long tail helps it to keep its balance. Long whiskers keep the catís face safe from harm or injury. The whiskers tell the cat when something is too small to fit through.

Paws and Claws

Cats keep sharp claws inside their paws until they need them. Cats sharpen their claws by scratching to wooden things.

Eyes, Ears and Tongues

The center of their eyes gets bigger in the dark. Part of their eyes is like a mirror so they could see in dim light. A catís good hearing helps it to hunt well. A catís tongue is rough, like sandpaper. It is frequently used as a good ďscrub brushĒ to get dirt out of its fur.

Kittens start seeing and hearing a week after they are born. All kittens are born with blue eyes and as days go by their eyes change colour to brown, orange or yellow. Kittens depend on their mothers to bring them food, protection and to give them baths. A kitten drinks its motherís milk until itís about eight weeks old. When you play with kittens you can teach them how to get along with other cats and how to hunt. At about nine weeks after their birth, kittens leave their mother and go to live by themselves.

Donated by Janice Busuttil

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