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My pet: Persian Cat

by Kersten Vella


My pet is a cat. It has a Persian breed. Its colour is cream and its tail is long.

Persian is a popular breed of longhaired cat. Persians are aristocratic but by no means delicate, with long plush coats and heavy bones. They have broad massive skulls with round faces and a domed forehead. Ears are small and round and the nose is snub with a delicate break. The coat is tall from head to tail with an immense ruff and frills between the front legs. Persians come in a broad range of colours, blue, black and white being the most popular.

Persians probably originated in Asia Minor. They were introduced in Europe in the 1700’s where they were called French cats or Angoras. When short, stocky longhaired cats from Iran (formerly known as Persia) were incorporated in the gene pool, the breed became known as Persians. They became known in Britain during Queen Victoria’s reign: she and other members of the royal family kept blue Persians. They have been exhibited in cat shows for a hundred years. The first cat show in Briant, in 1871 included black, blue and white Persians. The Persians have changed significantly.

Donated by Kersten Vella

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