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Cat breeds

There are around 8,1 millions cats in France. Pure-bred cats represent 4 -6 % of the total. Those who do not correspond to any standard are called "home cats". Breeds are divided into 3 sections:

  • short hair cats ; examples:
    • European cat: recognized a specific breed since 1925,
    • Chartreux, Abyssinian, Siamese, Oriental, Burmese, Bombay…
  • semi-long hair cats :
    • Birman, Somali, Norwegian…
  • long hair cats or persians.

There are about 26 short hair breeds and 15 semi-long and long hair breeds.

Books of feline origins

The 50 associations et 36 feline french clubs are all related to a specific book of feline origins. But contrary to what happens in cynophily, there is not a single book, but 17 different books for pure-bred cats. And these books do not recognize the same breeds. However, at the end of 96, the Agriculture Department has announced the creation of a special structure that will aim at developping a unique book of feline origins.

Felin exhibitions

Because of the lack of centralization, there is not a national organization of feline exhibitions. Each club organizes its own exhibitions wherever he wishes to. In France, 150 exhibitions are organized each year, gathering from 20 up to 800 cats.

At least, 5 french clubs adopt the american way of judgement or TICA ("The International Cat Association"), but in the majority of european exhibitions, the judgement is called "traditional". In this case, cats are grouped into sections, according to the hair length (cf above), then in classes:

  • home cat : does not answer to a specific breed standard
  • novice : cat without a pedigree, but corresponding to a breed standard
  • 3 - 6 months and 6 - 10 mois : kittens registered to a book of origins
  • adult: males and females compete separately.


Entire cats receive the title of "Champion" ; sterilized cats get the title of "Premior".

Obtained certificates* Number of necessary certificates Number of judges Number of countries represented by the judges Awards CAC CAP 3 3 3 3 1 1 Champion (Ch.) Premior (Pr.) CACIB CAPIB 3 3 3 3 2 2 International Ch. International Pr. CAGCIB CAPCIB 6 6 6 6 3 3 Great intern. Ch. Great intern. Pr. CACE CAPE 9 9 3 3 3 3 European Ch. European Pr.

  • *CAC : Certificate of Aptitude to Championship
  • CACIB : Certificate of Aptitude to International Beauty Championship
  • CAGCIB : Certificate of Aptitude to the Great International Beauty Championship
  • CACE : Certificate of Aptitude to the European Championship.

Among all the cats presented within a same breed, a same class and a same colour, only one will receive the desired award. If the cat is alone in its class, he will not get the award automatically: he can get only a qualification as: excellent, very good, or good.

Parallely to the official awards attribution, the exhibition has its own way of selection that consists in giving recompenses to the most beautiful cats of the exhibition.

  • Best Variety : the best cat in its section, its breed, and its colour, but all classes confused,
  • Best in Show : the best cat in each section, all breeds confused, including:
    • the best male, the best female, le best neutered cat,
    • the best 3/6 months male, the best 3/6 months female,
    • the best 6/10 months male, the best 6/10 months female ;
  • Best of the best : the most beautiful cat in each section without distinguishing the sex (neutered cats included) or the age.


- Royal Canin develops its présence on feline exhibitions.

- Royal Canin is a partner of the French Society of Felinotechny, that prints its own magazine and organizes seminars regularly.

To get information please contact: Dr C. KRETZ ; 21 rue de l'inondation 76400 FECAMP- FRANCE

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