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Borg Cardona & Co. Ltd. CéDé products


CéDé Bird food - The Original

CéDé Eggfood is an essential supplement to the daily ration. It is necessary because it supplies nutrients not or not sufficiently present in regular bird food (seeds, vegetables, fruits, etc.)
CéDé eggfood contains among others

  • valuable animal proteins,
  • all vitamins,
  • minerals (mass and trace elements),
  • specially added essential amino acids Iysine and methionine.
Breeding and moulting periods are productive periods during which the youngsters are raised and new feathers are formed. This demands a high performance on nutrition. Therefore, during breeding and moulting periods, seed eating birds require a good mixture of seeds together with CéDé Eggfood being 1/4 of the daily ration. The correct quantity of food per day is an important factor for adequate absorption of seeds and eggfood alike. This way unbalanced nutrition is avoided.

CéDé Eggfood Red

CéDé Eggfood red contains natural vegetable dye (beta carotene). This food dye is responsible for the red colour of the plumage. Another characteristic of this vegetable dye is its pro vitamin A property, i.e. the beta carotene is transformed into vitamin A in the bird’s system. This vitamin is fat soluble and stored in the liver as a reserve. If the bird is fed too much beta carotene the liver will be deformed. This is called liver necrosis.

Also birds have only one liver and if it is damaged there is no cure. Therefore CéDé Eggfood contains only as much natural dye as is justified for the birds’ health. As you may be aware, this does not always bring about prize-winning results. CéDé places greater value on the health of the birds. Some bird fanciers, therefore, frequently use artificial colourings (canthaxanthine) in order to achieve a deeply red plumage.

CéDé Mix for Tropical Birds

CéDé mix for tropical birds is a breeding and condition food for seed-eating tropical birds. It has been carefully composed of various animal proteins (including egg protein and dried insects), all necessary vitamins and minerals and a selection of seeds, geared to the preference of these bird species. After the breeding period, seed-eating tropical birds do not like to take soft food to the same extent as usual. Therefore, the intake is stimulated by adding seeds such as Senegalese millet seed, poppy seed and perilla.

CéDé Lori-food

CéDé Food for lorikeets is easily digestible nutrition and can be fed as pap or mixed with fruit from the first day of the little lorikeet’s life.
For preparing a pap mix 1 part CéDé Lori-Food with 3 parts water. No too cold and freshly made every day. In addition you can feed the usual fruits. CéDé [on-Food contains all vitamins and minerals (mass and trace elements) mixed in the right proportion suitable for birds.
Some lorikeets prefer a somewhat sweeter pap. A little extra honey will help. Other ingredients or additives are unessential. CéDé [on-Food can also be used as handfeeding for parentless or (temporarily) rejected young birds.

CéDé Bird Minerals

CéDé Bird Minerals with sharp stomach grit.

CéDé Bird Minerals provide the requirement of the mass-elements calcium and phosphate for seed eaters. These are important for the structure and maintenance of the skeleton and the quality of the eggshell. Seeds contain too little calcium to cover this need. The addition of calciferous products to the soft food may lead to an overdosage. Food tests have demonstrated that birds in captivity will take CéDé Bird Minerals according to their requirements. The breeding and moulting periods are production periods during which more minerals are absorbed! Seed eaters must be given a separate dish of CéDé Bird Minerals throughout the year in addition to their seeds and CéDé Eggfood and/or Cédé Mix. This prevents both overdosage and deficiencies in their daily diet. CéDé Bird Minerals also contain sharp stomach grit which promotes an optimal digestion of the seed.

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