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The Statute of the Bonsai Culture Group.

1. Title And Address.

The "Bonsai Culture Group" was established on the 13th November 1991. The new address is; 3, Old Mint Street, Valletta, Malta.

2. The Aim.

The Aim of this group is to encourage the interest of this hobby in Malta, and preferably using indigenous Maltese trees for bonsai.

3. Information.

The Bonsai Culture Group is to keep the members informed on the art of bonsai and related knowledge by means of regular meetings, videos and lectures by it's members and other foreign bonsai enthusiast.

4. Independence.

The BCG is to be independent from any political party and other organizations.

5. Income.

Every donation or other income goes to the group fund, in the case that the group ends, all the funds will be given to an institute for charity.

6. Members.

The members consists of all those that the Committee members agree to form part of this group, without any discrimination regarding sex, religion or political believes of the individual concerned.

The members shall;

  1. be over 16 years of age
  2. inform the secretary
  3. be approved be the committee

7. Associated Members.

The committee can accept an individuals as associate members all those interested in bonsai.

8. Annual Fee.

When the new member is approved by the committee, he is to pay the annual fee till the next general meeting.

9. Committee.

  1. The Committee is responsible for the group administration. This Committee shall be selected during the general meeting from the group members.
  2. The Committee is to consist of ten members: President; Secretary; Assistant Secretary; Treasurer; Public Relations Officer (PRO); Assistant PRO; and three other members.
  3. All the work done by the Committee members is on voluntary bases.

10. Elect.

Every elect is done by a nomination that is to be seconded by an other member. In the case of any contestants a secret vote will be taken to elect one member.

11. Committee Duties.

  1. The Committee has the right to accept or refute any new members.
  2. The Committee has the right to call for a general meeting when the need arise apart from the annual general meeting.
  3. The Committee has the right to elect a President or Honorary Member any distinct person or any person that is interested in bonsai.
  4. The Committee has the right to elect persons such as Consultants in Botanic or in law as long as their service is on voluntary basis.

12. Final Decisions.

Every decision made by the Committee is final and cannot be appealed to the authorities.

13. Responsibility.

Every Committee member is committed to his particular duties.

14. President.

  1. The President presides in every committee and monthly meetings, he can only vote in the case of a parity in a voting by the committee members.
  2. He is responsible to see that the statute regulations are being adopted in a practical way.
  3. Signs the minutes of all meetings and the bills received from the committee.
  4. Has the right to inspect all the BCG documents and books held by the other committee members.
  5. Together with the secretary calls for the monthly, general and urgent meetings.

15. Vice President.

The Vice President is responsible for all the President's duties when the latter is absent.

16. Secretary.

  1. The secretary is responsible for all the BCG correspondence and the minutes of every meeting.
  2. He is also responsible to take care of all the BCG documents, photographs, articles and books.
  3. He is to sign together with the president on every BCG document.

17. Assistant Secretary.

The Assistant Secretary is to help the secretary and to carry his duties when absent.

18. Treasurer.

  1. The treasurer is responsible for all the income and payments of the BCG.
  2. He is to keep the dated records of all the income and payments.
  3. Submit a detailed annual report on the BCG funds.
  4. Is to collect the membership-fee from the members and pay back any expenses.
  5. All expenses by the members have to be first approved by the treasurer.
  6. The committee has no right for the BCG funds except in the presence of the treasurer.
  7. The treasurer is to keep yearly list of all the members, updated by the secretary.

19. Public Relations Officer (PRO).

  1. The PRO is responsible for advertising the BCG and it's activities.
  2. He is to inform the media on the BCG activities.
  3. He is to strengthen the group image with the public.

20. Assistant PRO.

The assistant PRO is responsible for all the duties of the PRO in his absence.

21. General Meeting.

  1. A general meeting is to be held annually in order to elect the new committee. The date will be the 13th November +/- 15 days.
  2. To be elected as a committee member one has to be proponed and seconded.
  3. If there are more than one member for the same post a secret vote will be taken by the members in order to elect the one with the higher votes.
  4. All the members have the right to attend for the general meeting and to propone, second and vote as they wish.
  5. The members will be informed by a letter about the general meeting.

22. Final Notes.

  1. For everything that is not mentioned in this statute a decision is to be taken by the committee and the majority of the members.
  2. A copy of this statute will be given to all the members and they are to commit themselves to all the regulations.
  3. The final decision is that of the committee.
  4. This statute can be amended as necessary only with a majority of two thirds present in that particular general meeting, called specifically for the amendments of the statute.

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