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by Mattia Felice

The Blue Rock Thrush is Malta’s national bird, so it is protected by law (it cannot be shot or caught) The Blue Rock Thrush is found in areas which contain cliffs (eg. Dingli), but it has also been spotted in cities. In the past some pairs used to nest in the Valletta bastions. It is a residential bird. The cock is blue in colour, while the hens and the youngsters are greyish brown. This Thrush is 20cm long. The cock has a very melodious song. The breeding season starts in the end of February and stops at the beginning of April. The pair builds a nest of grass and twigs in a hole in a cliff. The hen lays about 5 greyish eggs, which hatch after about 2 weeks. The chicks start flying 17 days from hatching. The Blue Rock Thrush eats insects, lizards and fruit.

A Male Blue Rock Thrush in breeding Condition

Donated by by Mattia Felice

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