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My pet: Yellow Canary

by Ryan Caligari

My pet is a yellow bird with a black patch on its neck. It is a canary and I named it Tweety. My grandfather gave this lovely male bird to me when it was only two months old as a birthday present.

Tweety likes to eat apples, lettuce, dandelion leaves and millet. Once every fortnight I give him some bits of hard-boiled eggs mixed with some biscuit crumbs and glucose. This makes him healthier, especially in August when he is changing his feathers.

When it is a fine day, especially Sunday, I take my pet in the garden. There he breathes fresh air and enjoys singing with other birds. These come near his cage to eat the millet, which he drops all over the yard when he is eating.

Every week I change the dirty sand of Tweety’s cage and give him a small bath half-filled with water. He slowly gets into the bath and enjoys splashing water all over the cage. Afterwards, when he is tired, he hides his head under his feathers and sleeps.

I love my pet Tweety and I wish that he would live forever. But unfortunately, everyone must die and leave this earth.

Donated by Ryan Caligari

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