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My pet canary.

by Jean Pierre Galea



I have a pet canary, which I am fond of very much. I named it Tweety. It has a yellowish colour and it looks very nice. It is an adorable pet. Whenever it hears a loud noise it sings loudly. Every morning I go to see if it needs any food or water. I clean its cage every week. Sometimes I like to give it some lettuce and an apple, which it likes very much. I take care of it. I do not put it outside. I only put it in the window for sunlight. When I come from school, it hears my voice and starts singing loudly. I wish I have some more birds but I have no place where to keep them. I love my pet bird Tweety.


The canary birds came from the Canary Islands of the coast of Africa. The name Canary is a corruption of ‘canis’ (Latin for dog). By the early 16th century, canaries were prized as pets in the European world. Though all adult male canaries sing, some were bred purely for vocal ability of which the Roller canary is the best example. ‘The looks’ of a Roller are given very little consideration. Rollers sing with a close beak. Common singers perform with an open beak and are called Choppers. Judges also score them on the basic of physical conformation.

All canary colours are based upon genes that control the melanin and the lipochrome. The lipochrome is the ground yellow colour in the original bird.The combination of black and yellow gives the appearance of a green bird. There are two categories of feather quality. Hard and soft-feathered canaries have downier plumage and the colours are subdued. In general a soft-feathered bird should always be mated to a hard-feathered bird. Clear birds are always more popular as pets since most people consider these light colored canaries more attractive.

Canary diet

The white bread of a canary nutrition is a seed mix consisting of 70% canary seed and 30% rape. Every day the birds must get a high protein food. Most breeders used hard-boiled chicken eggs, a special ‘nestling’ food or a mixture of the two. During the breeding and moulting seasons the canaries should get as much of this as they will eat. At other times a half-teaspoon per bird per day will do. Canned corn is especially loved and nutritious. Dry cracked corn, oil sunflower, and buckwheat can be put in a jar with water in the refrigerator and allowed to soak overnight. This soaked seed is very valuable when the birds are feeding their nestling. Small pieces of whole bread or corn bread are greatly relished by canaries.

What kind of cage is good for a pet canary?

If you are keeping a canary as a pet for it’s singing ability, just buy any cage that you like. It must be constructed of metal and at least 18 inches long, 10 inches high and 10 inches wide. Canaries exercise by flying back and forth not up and down. Don’t use bamboo or wicker cages. They are impossible to clean and these are not sanitary.

What is the possible range for temperature and humidity?

A year round temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit and low humidity is best. In warm weather mist the birds with cool tap water. Canaries like to take baths. The bird will splash around a dish of clean water in the cage. You don’t restrain the bird and scrub it like you would a dog.

Canaries’ lifestyle

Canaries need a regular schedule. They must wake up and go to sleep with the sun. Keep the cage in a room that is quiet when it is dark outside. It’s a good idea to cover the cage at night with a heavy cloth. Loud noises and bright light can startle and disturb canaries. This is certainly a cruel form of stress and can instantly cause the bird’s death.

Donated by Jean Pierre Galea

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