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by Ryan Pisani

I am Ryan and I have two ducks as pets. There are two types of ducks: the mute and the mallard. Usually people keep mute ducks but there is no rule which says that mallard ducks can’t be kept as pets as well. The mallards are not so popular because they have a screeching quack which cannot be tolerated especially during siesta hours. The mute ducks on the contrary are very silent and peaceful creatures. These two types of ducks live in rivers.

Laying eggs…

When breeding ducks, you have to be extra careful with egg hatching. When an egg is laid it has to secreted slowly from under the duck and put in an incubator. What is an incubator? An incubator is a warm place where an egg is left for a period of days until the ducklings are born. If one is not equipped with an incubator, the natural warmth of the mother duck allows the ducklings to hatch just the same after one month.

Cutting feathers…

Ducks can fly about half a metre high so it is better if one trims their feathers in order to prevent them from running away especially if they are kept in an open-air garden. You only have to cut half the length of the duck’s feathers.

Duck food...

Ducks eat seeds, small fish and pallets. This is called manmade food.

Where ducks are kept...

People usually keep them in hutches, but since they are accustomed to swim in their natural habitats, one needs to build a small pool or pond nearby. Ducks swim very often so one must make sure that water is accessible at the duck’s convenience. The hutch has to be kept unsoiled and so should be cleaned at least once a week.

Donated by Ryan Pisani

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