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Zebra Finch pictures

By Romana Mann

Hello Zebra Finch Lovers

Just thought l'd contribute.
l have been rearing there three orphaned siblings for 3/4 weeks now they are lovely birds, they love to sit on my shoulder and cruise around, and sleep there too, they come when l call, land on my hand, l never trained them, they just do it,! food was a problem, as l live on a remote cattle property, so l strained some cooked egg yolk, bread crumbs, and oatmeat, they love it, the fosick on a mat in the kitchen, with all sorts of delicasies, l have no cage, they have the freedom of the house, if you call that freedom, and sleep at night on the collar of my husbands jacket in the bedroom, they chose that place,

Romana Mann

zebra finch

zebra finch pictures

lovely zebra finches

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