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How to build a breeding cage

By Donald Perez

The House Of Crests
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Hello Fellow Fanciers,

If you are having a successful breeding season with your canaries and/or finches and need more room for the youngsters here is some useful information that you might consider reviewing.

The two pages listed at the end of this e-mail are filled with photographic instructions on how to build a varnished wood frame around a finch or canary breeding cage front. The second page has similar instructions on how to build an English-style box breeding cage for finches or canaries. Using the materials suggested, one would end up with a very nice, easy-to-clean, breeding cage that would insure the occupant privacy as well as allow it to maintain as stress-free of an environment as possible while in captivity. For those who aspire to exhibit their finches or canaries, note that this type of cage has no steel wires anywhere, preventing damage to tail or wing feathers of the occupant!

The advantages of a box-type cage over an all-wire cage are many, as the British and European breeders have known for decades. Here are five good reasons: 1. Bird feathers on tails and wings do not get damaged 2. Fewer areas or sharp edges for a bird to injure itself 3. Surrounding areas outside the cage stay clean of debris 4. Birds are calmer for viewing and exhibiting 5. Privacy - Less stress from fear of the unknown results in healthier birds (study your birds and notice their instinctive mannerism of pecking at food and then looking all around them for fear of predators in an all-wire cage and notice the calmness when they only have to worry about what comes from the front of a cage only.)

The best of the season,
Don Perez

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