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Supporting the immune system

The immune system consists or a very complex set of defenses that the body uses to fight infections. A whole range of vitamins and minerals are involved in its effective functioning but modern nutritional ingredients enable us to provide even better support.

Unique white cell support system

Recent Birdcare Company development work has focused on the white blood cells. These are the immune system's "Rapid Reaction Force". When invaded by an infectious germ like a virus or bacteria the immune system makes huge quantities of white blood cells that rapidly spread through the blood system and kill the invaders.

Any of you who have worked in a factory will know that, when there is a sudden large demand for a particular product, you inevitably can't make it because you are short of stocks of at least one raw material. This can and does occur in the body as well, and limits its ability to produce those extra white blood cells.

In addition, white blood cells use large quantities of fats to power themselves as they go about attacking invaders. Fats are burned in the cells' "boiler houses" (called mitochondria) and a special vitamin-like substance is used to get the fats into the mitochondria. Again this material can be rapidly depleted in the face of a hostile enemy.

So, by adding the special nutrients most in demand for rapid white cell production and by adding the special vitamin-like substance, the bottlenecks can be prevented and the immune system can work at full power.

Our new product, Guardian Angel, is based around these two revolutionary new concepts. In order to make the use of this product as simple as possible we have also included many of our other unique nutritional ingredients. So Guardian Angel contains the vitamins and unique Rapisorb minerals normally found in the "Essentials" products. It contains the beneficial probiotic bacteria and herbs from BioPlus and the highly bioavailable minerals found in Maxima and ProBoost SuperMax. A maintenance level of calcium is provided and this has been developed from Calcivet (CalciBoost).

Finally the whole package is mixed in with the electrolytes, extra vitamin C and long term energy found in Spark (Energise). Like Spark (Energise), Guardian Angel is 100% active ingredients.

So Guardian Angel, used as a single dietetic supplement to a normal diet, should meet all of the patient's nutritional supplement needs as well as providing unprecedented immune system support. This means that Guardian Angel is both easy and economical to use. Sometimes, if you think extra calcium would be of value extra Calcivet (CalciBoost) can be used.

Guardian Angel is designed to be applied either in the drinking water or on suitable fresh foods and eggfoods.

The white cell support system has also been added to Poly-Aid (Survive outside Europe) making this the most sophisticated emergency food on the world market.

Other immune support

Many Birdcare products contain a variety of ingredients (such as our Flourish herbs) that support the immune system.

These herbal ingredients are mostly used to keep healthy birds fit. Flourish herbs are used in Poly-Aid (Survive), Feast eggfood, Special Needs Diet and Flourish supplement.

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