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Birds as Pets and Breeders

Millions of people enjoy keeping birds as companions. By this means, people who may otherwise have no contact with wildlife are afforded a unique insight into the natural world and its intrinsic value. Through this experience one is more likely to care not only about the bird, but also its environment.

Once having kept a bird as a pet, you may want to expand your area of interest and construct an aviary. The breeding of birds under controlled conditions affords a different insight into the lifestyles and habits of the species concerned.


Bird breeding is likely to prove a long-lasting attraction. Most fanciers are lifelong devotees, being fervently committed to their chosen hobby. Surely problems will arise at some point, but surely with the assistance of experienced fanciers, these can be minimized enabling you to enjoy your birds to the full, whether you have just a single pet or a large collection comprising various species.


There is no certainty as to when the hobby of bird breeding started in Malta. However, it has been traced as far back as the turn of the 19 th century when a handful of fanciers breed pale yellow canaries which nowadays are termed as the common canary. Later on the Frilled Canary was introduced. yet, being a rather delicate bird and not as free breeding as the common canary, kept this species from gaining popularity amongst established breeders. In the sixties few hobbyists imported coloured canaries from European countries encouraging scores of other fanciers to embark in the hobby themselves.

As the fancy rapidly spread throughout the island, several attempts were made in an endeavour to constitute some sort of organization. Records show that although many committees were set up during the seventies, yet none of them endured long enough to establish some sort of society.

In 1982, a small number of genuine- fanciers, determined to originate the first Association for bird breeders, assembled and formed a functioning committee. In a couple of months members started to enrol and the BIRD BREEDERS ASSOCIATION or L-Ghaqda Trobbija Ta' L-Ghasafar as it is known in Maltese, was inaugurated. In a very short time the first ever National Show for Cage & Aviary Birds only, was staged in a spacious hall in the Tigne Sports Complex in Sliema 225 birds were exhibited by the 15 members comprising the Association. The show furnished the public with a spectacular view of one of nature's most marvellous creatures. Thousands of Maltese and foreigners, on holiday on the island, visited the show and manifested their appreciation both towards the exhibits and the management of the show itself

Following this successful event, membership instantly doubled itself encouraging the Committee to impose exhibition levels both as regards the birds and the show cages alike thus reaching International standards.

During this year's exhibition the Association will be celebrating its 15 th Anniversary. During these fifteen years it matured into one of the most organized Societies in Malta. This success can be mainly attributed towards its 400 members, a pride of any committee.

Part of the fascination of birdkeeping, or aviculture as it is often known, stems from the constant acquisition of knowledge in this field. No matter how long one has been keeping birds, there is always something to be learnt. Birds are individuals, and only by close observation can their requirements be fully appreciated.

The Bird Breeders Association provides a sound basis for anyone who is planning to embark in this hobby, as well as provide an up to-date source of reference for the established breeder. Everyone devises his own management system, but, we trust that the ideas expressed by experts members of the Association. will provide a useful basis in this matter. Many breeders and exhibitors know their success to expert advice freely given to them by fellow members who are always more than pleased to share helpful hints they might have experienced.

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