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Message by the President 1998

This year we are honoured to welcome amongst us the General Secretary of the World Organization of Judges OMJ, Mr. Kes Maandag who. in a few days is expected to be appointed General President of the World Ornithology Organization, the COM. I am proud to be one of the first Presidents of the affiliated Associations of the COM to congratulate Mr. Maandag and wish him every success throughout his term of office, on behalf of our Association and of our members.

Mr. Maandag is the first official who came along to supervise the running of our National Exhibition. I hope, for the sake of our Association and its many members, that both the organisation and the exhibits have reached the required standard and satisfied expectations.. On behalf of my Committee as well as all the members of the Association, I would like to express our appreciation to Mr. Maandag for honouring us with his presence.

I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to the many members who have worked so hard to erect the stands and to decorate them for the occasion in a couple of days. Of course, we cannot forget the generosity, of our many sponsors. It would have been virtually impossible to organise a show of this magnitude without their financial support.

We strive hard to enhance the exhibition and to make it more pleasing to the general public who each year encourage us by attending in thousands to admire these wonderful creatures. Suggestions to improve what we have already achieved, are most welcome - wherever they may come from.

Finally, though by no means of little importance, a word of encouragement is also due to the exhibitors themselves. Only through their dedication and devotion to the fancy of bird breeding are we offered the opportunity and delight of admiring so many different species.

Charles Vella

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