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Birds Breeders Association

The main objectives of the association are:-

  • To promote bird breeding
  • To educate its members in the fancy
  • To safeguard the interest of its members in matters related to ornithology
  • To organise shows and exhibitions in various locations
  • To participate in the annual World Championships organised by the C.O.M.

Part of the fascination of bird breeding stems from the constant knowledge of the fancy. No matter how long one has been breeding birds, there is always something to be learnt. Birds are individuals and only by close observaions can their requirements be fully appreciated.

The Bird Breeders' Association through its world wide contacts has collected a large amount of data about the breeding habits of many species, including the development of the chicks, so that it can provide its members with an up to date source of information.

Once having kept a bird as a pet, you may want to expand your area of interest and construct an aviary or bird room. The breeding of birds under controlled conditions affords a different insight into the lifestyles and habits of these wonderful creatures.

The best method of assessing whether a fancier is on the right track, is by comparison. For this reason, the association organises shows and exhibitions in which all species exhibited must conform closely to prescribed standards in each variety.

Whatever branch appeals to you, it is likely to prove a long lasting attraction. Many fanciers are lifelong devotees being fervently committed to their chosen hobby. Just a glance at one of the shows organised by the association, will show why it attracts such a strong following.

Who can become a member?

Anyone interested in the fancy of bird breeding can enroll as a member.

What is the membership fee?

For adult members, both male and female, the membership is only three maltese liri (LM3) annually. There are no additional fees for merchant services however. For junior members, the fee is only one maltese lira (LM1) annually. Upon exhibiting for the first time, adult members have to pay a one time exhibition fee of three Maltese Liri (Lm3).

What are the advantages?

Members are eligible to:-
  • Exhibit their birds in shows and exhibitions organised by the association.
  • Participate in the Annual World Championships organised by the C.O.M.
  • Attend to lectures by local and international panels.
  • Participate in various social and cultural activities.
  • Recieve assistance by established breeders in all matters related to the hobby.

E-mail the B.B.A. club.



Kampjonat Mondjali

Secretary Control Panel.

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