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The 2003 Bird Show at Naxxar

This year’s bird show was as brilliantly organized as the past years and one must complement BBA for its excellent work. As usual the various types of canaries on display typically dominated the show. The quality of these birds was merely exceptional and this promises very well for our participants in foreign competition. The canaries displayed were of very high standards and some of them, such as a pure white Corona Gloster and some beautiful Yorkshires, were of outstanding beauty. The red factors were also impressively nice and they were under the spotlight due to their beautiful bright colour.

As regards to the other sections, I felt that there was a decline in the participation of other species such as the doves and finches. I believe that the BBA should focus a bit more and use more energy in order to have more participants in these fields. Anyway the birds displayed in these sections were also of impressive quality. There was also a general feeling between visitors that there should have been a larger section on parrots. I believe that not a single large parrot was exhibited. In my opinion these beautiful birds should be included regularly in these bird shows.

These comments may seem a bit disappointing but in my opinion the number of birds being exhibited is slowly declining year after year. BBA and the MCBA should try to notice this problem and act on it immediately. In the past years Maltese breeders have proved to be very good breeders and our birds are well renowned for their excellent quality. We need to help these breeders in their efforts and also create new opportunities for new breeders. I believe that a joint effort is necessary to promote this wonderful activity amongst new breeders so that our international reputation remains strong and our birds will continue to win international competitions.

Donated by: Orlando Bonnici

Donated by the Birds Breeders Association Club visit BBA club website

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